Elva Walter and friends
Taken around 1930, that's Elva on the left.

Grandma's Poetry

My grandmother, Zilla Elva Walter White (1905-1997), was an earthy, sharp-witted woman. She was definitely a person who believed that you should say what you mean and mean what you say. She raised four boys and she lived a full and rewarding life. She certainly had her rough times, but I think, as you will see from her poetry, she didn't let that stop her!

SUCCESS - This may outline the secret of her success.

The Sheik of Our High School - I think every high school has one.

Algebra & Front Porch Arithmetic - I think young Elva Walter liked math a little too much!

Oh, For Heaven's sake! - Proof that Rosie O'Donnell didn't originate the term "Cutie petutie"!

Sooner or Later I think this one must be about my grandfather.

Sing a Song of Babies - My grandmother obviously enjoyed being a mother.

Hands - Hands can do so many different things.

I Have Four Sons - She loved her boys, Lewis (my father), Robert, David and Paul.

Cogitations on a Cow - But, apparently, there was no love lost 'tween her and her milk cow!

Maybe You Do - This one is certainly about my grandfather, who was none too secretive about his interest in other ladies.

Lines to an Absent Husband - My grandparents separated and divorced in 1946.

Be Gay Awhile! - Written in 1948, I think my grandma was finally over the breakup of her marriage.

First Poem