Elva Walter striking a pose
Elva Walter as a girl


By Elva Walter

She struggled with her algebra,
He said he'd undertake to show her some equations,
but the offer was a fake.
He slipped his arm around her
"X equals this," he cried,
And when her lips were free again,
"Square X," she softly sighed!

Front Porch Arithmetic

By Elva Walter

He was trying to teach her arithmetic
He said it was his mission -
He kissed her once
He kissed her twice
He said - "Now that's additon."
Then followed smack by smack
In silent satisfaction
Timidly she gave one back
and said - "Now that's subtraction."
Then he kissed her and she kissed him
Without an explanation
Then both together hugged and said
"That's multiplication."
But Dad appeared upon the scene
And with his great decision
He kicked the lad three blocks away
And said - "That's long division!"

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