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(uncool links part 1)
Field Guide to the Loon FIELD GUIDE TO THE LOON:
why the internet should be preserved as a protected wilderness domain
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Mr. Alt.Tasteless 1995
Rutting Wanna be #2000?
Adventurous guys only

other tasteless nodes:
Jaydog's Quality Control Department, Alt Tasteless Industries
Watch the new guard take over as the old Titans disappear into a pool of molten smegma.
Sean McAffee's a.t. Archive
The oldest, most extensive pubicly-accessible archive
Dante's Inferno
My rival as the Filthiest Person Alive
Julia's Port of Authority
Ms A.T.95
Home of Queen Pee
Archives of Paul Ess 1944-1998
Lorri's Tasteless Tidbits
Swallow it all!
Pierre Ketteridge's Altar to Glub
He thinks he can outdrink me.
Jo Miller, Steven Snedker, Herry, Adam Thornton, and Jim Park are also canonical.
Some merit rummaging around, some have gone in other directions, others just list a few expired links and point back to a.t.
Freaks and Brandon's Waste of Web
Mr. Squick's Wetspot on the Internet
A relic of the Golden Age of a.t. No, I'm not Mr. Squick. Mr Squick is the guy who started the invasion of rec.pets.cats that resulted in The WIRED article. Contained the famous a.t. ftp archive but seems under reconstruction. is also taken. Another intermittent site that will one day be worth a look.

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