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Deviance, Defiance and Difference
Smokers disease Anti-smokers Got a light?
Drugs addiction Rational Recovery boredom
gunlust blood and gore gun control waco
Stormfront Auschwitz Nizkor Project Janet Reno
Public sex loneliness Gay Marriage Chastity
Bugchasers sheets over bodies Safe Sex plastic between bodies

A while back, I wrote a set of links. Each one was in some way the opposite of the one before it. It was a poem made of links, and the point was in the contrasts among them. But nearly every websurfer saw them as a list of my own interests and parts of myself, and drew all kinds of crazy conclusions. They missed the relationships among the links.

The chart above is a second try, using the matrix to make the relationships more obvious. It is about the cycle between what Nietzsche called the Apollonian and Dionysian styles of life, and how moments of excess and moments of blandness follow from one another, and we all like some of each, but where you want excess I may be more aware of the risks than the pleasures. Or, more likely, it will be the other way around.

I wanted to suggest that the politics around each of these issues follow a similar pattern and if you remember why you take the Dionysian side on some of them, you may gain some insight into why someone else is Dionysian on the others, even those where you wish that the state would come in and enforce the Apollonian side.

If you can piss down a man's throat
it does not mean you have lost your basic toilet training.

Just don't piss in the kitchen.

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