Field Guide to the Loon
The internet must be preserved as a protected wilderness domain for the following reasons:

Kaos Roolz

Portal of Evil | The Third Rail

Czech Surrealists | Surfascist Revolution #1 | Alchemists

Kooks Museum | Richard's Wacko Site of the Week | Goatboy

Useless Pages | Brian's Page of Antique Wierdness

Kim Jong Il | Mao More than Ever | Taliban

Rotten Dot Com

Fade To Black | The Onion | Sneerzine | Ooze | Nerve

The Postmodern Generator

Queer Skinhead Revolt | Alt.Tasteless
DI-saster jokes | Deviance/Defiance/Difference
Squicker Zone

If you hitch a ride on a passing comet,
don't forget to send