It is a very hot day. Over 100 degrees and you are dying of thirst.

Maybe you are in the desert.

You have a thermometer. A thermometer has a liquid that expands as it gets hotter, and so fills up the tube, which has numbers written on it that correspond to how hot it is.

You see that there is a relationship between the expansion of the liquid and the heat that is threatening you. When one goes up so does the other.

So you figure that the thermometer is what is causing the heat. You violently smash the thermometer and the glass tube breaks and the poisonous mercury splatters. Maybe it is a satisfying gesture.

But it has no effect on the heat. And all the effort that went into blaming the thermometer and hating the thermometer and smashing the thermometer might have gone into more practical measures to find water.

The Creator's exaggeration of Jews' role in the class structure and in history is like the man who blames the thermometer for the heat.

I once read some debates that took place among California politicians the late nineteenth century. One of the more influential of them argued that California had to import laborers from China and Mexico. He claimed that White workers were too lazy and demanded too much money and drank too much. He thought that bringing in immigrants would lower the cost of labor. The nonwhite workers would be easier to control. The politician was not Jewish, he was probably not even religious. He owned a large ranch and would be able to get richer if he could lower his labor costs, and he persuaded the other large California land owners to support nonwhite immigration to California.

Here is as obvious a smoking gun as you can find on how the racial structure of America came into being, and Jews were competely irrelevant as an explanation.

Jews are not the prime movers of history. Nor is any small group or individual. History is a very complex process and cannot be reduced to any one single factor. To do so is to fall into the well-known logical trap of "reductionism." Jews are disproportionate to number in the ruling class, but that is not the same as being the core of that ruling class. Their domination in the fields of law and medicine is not all that different from the domination of the motel industry by members of an obscure Hindu caste. The mostly christian (or even atheist) ruling class has been threatened enough by jewish levels of organization that they have managed to get many of those they have crushed to blame Jews, to direct their anger at them, rather than on the ruling class in general. That turns heat on one section of the ruling class, and allows the real ruling class to keep its position secure. This has been going on for centuries. The belief in Jewish domination in banking has a historical basis in that in much of Europe in past centuries, Jews dominated agricultural credit: exploiting vulnerabilities in farming. Power today is more concentrated in country clubs than synagogues. Any revolt that sees Jews as the main target just falls for this trick.