Skinhead is about respect for working people, scorn for the bullshit of 'professionals', and fighting for the right to play hard at a time when the state is out to regulate every moment of your life for your own good. It is about pride in self, your scene and your people, it is about loyalty to your brothers right or wrong, through thick or thin, its about getting drunk and rowdy, and listening to real music that comes from the heart, not from marketing consultants.

I am often asked if I am racist, as if skinhead were a statement about extreme racial politics. Here are a few reasons why I refuse to answer that or any of the other usual questions.

These are under construction, rough drafts. I may add to them, change them, fix them, break them. I welcome debate.

Brass Knuckles and Steecap Boots
Philosophy of violence. No Gandhi here. (last revised 3.29.00)
Fuck Politics
US politics are about which scam works best: liberalism or conservatism. Meanwhile the radical left and right are trapped in their own fantasy worlds. (4.5.00)
Fuck Ideology
Politics for the head, heart, and dick (4.6.00)
Fencesitting as a Revolutionary Act
Beyond good and evil (4.10.00)
Multiculturalism, Fascism, and Crack
In pursuit of purity (3.23.00)
The Trailer Park Faggot Syndrome
How not to be antiracist (1.24.01)
Marxism for Skinheads
About class (3.27.00)
Firebreak Punk: What Is To Be Done
Fuck revolution. Build a firebreak to protect our freedom(10.28.01)
The music I like (3.23.00)
Savage Pisser
Lyrics for a band (2.22.00)
Whats it Like to Be Old?
Age (3.27.00)
Queer Skinhead Revolt
Add the words and multiply the revulsion. (4.10.00)
Natural Law
Progay. Sex, violence, and community (3.27.00)
Burning the Rainbow Flag
Antigay (3.5.00)
Internet Combat and Cyberspace Liberation
Kill the Newbies (3.29.00)
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