kill the newbiesfreedom of speech!

Internet Combat
and Cyberspace Liberation

Struggles Out Here in Cyberspace:

To Establish the Right and the Possibility for Anyone to Say Anything. And to Laugh at What They Come up with.
Once upon a time the only place with true freedom of speech was a bathroom wall. Now there is the internet and such internet sports as Sick Puppy Bingo and Loonwatching. Find the craziest things that people do say.
Resisting the Commodification of the Net
The great exception in the preservation of free speech: fighting spam. No right or possibility to transform the use value of the net into exchange value without building it into something better. Too late!
The Old Guard vs the Swarms of Clueless Newbies
Studies of the internet got into a dreary habit of lamenting the snobbery of longtime computergeeks and their oppression against the newly arrived AOLers and, lately, the customers of WebTV. Why don't they just invite homeless crackheads into their bedrooms? Too late! The old internet underground has gone even further underground. Enjoy the popup ads: a marketing target is all you will ever be!
Fantasy vs Reality
Some use the net to act out their craziest fantasies, and others use it as an extension of their real life, as just one more arena for socializing. But where exactly do you draw the line? And which standards do you use to interpret the words you see on screen? Which rules apply - local custom, or the government?
Underground in a Fishbowl
You can meet up with people who share your most secret fetishes, and organize among the likeminded, even if you are isolated in a small town. And now all of the most underground movements are in plain view of the most judgemental, repressive, prudish foks alive, and have the backing of their legislatures.