What Is To Be Done

Fuck revolution. Catastrophic collapse is far more likely than turning capitalism into something better. All we can do right now is damage control, building firebreaks against the bulldozers of the new order. The kind of damage control we are able to do now is to defend just about any remaining zone of freedom that is at all beyond the reach of the surveillance state and Hollywood propaganda. There, we can think for ourselves, and figure out what is really going on. Alas the political punks are comically, or tragically, misguided. But if their space is lost, who wins? Hollywood, Hilfiger, the Chamber of Commerce, the cops.

The Death of Privacy

You are reading this, you must be on the internet. Notice:

  1. More communication among people goes through the net instead of just through the air between their faces.
  2. People talk about amazingly risky, crazy, personal, private matters over the net to strangers whose faces they never see.
  3. All of this can be monitored by employers, secret services, spies, police agents, your mother, your school, your enemies, your kids.

These are the ingredients for mind control and government snooping into private thoughts on a far more intense scale than anything those old science fiction writers imagined.

The New Temperance

And that is just whats over the net. Meanwhile in the "real world":

  1. More and more things that used to be normal parts of life are turned into crimes and diseases (smoking, drinking, fighting, attention deficit, racial pride, getting wasted). Prosecutors like that because it gives them leverage, though at the cost of people's respect for the law.
  2. There are far more ways of catching people, what with all the surveillance cameras, DNA testing, drug testing, and so on and on.

Each step is for a perfectly good reason, and those involved in implementing them think they are doing their best for their fellow himans, and reducing the risks that they face, lowering the chances of fatal diseases, stopping the traumatizing of future generations. But all these small steps taken together amount to a massive loss of freedom and I don't think it is worth the price.

Combine all that with the huge expansion of prisons in the United States, at the expense of higher education. With the development of private prisons, there is a financial incentive to increase the incarcerated population. Prison labor may be a better option for those who are locked up than laying around bored in a cage all day, and big institutions can save on their budget by buying cheap bulk prisonmade supplies, but now look at the big picture: a growing section of the economy involves making money because a big section of the population is coerced into working for what amounts to very low wages. Working conditions for prisoners are pretty damn close to slavery.
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