crucified skin "Gay and skinhead operate as polar opposites - as reminders of what men shouldn't be. They demarcate the unacceptable opposite extremes of masculinity. . . . That the two poles might actually converge in one single identity disrupts the dominant expectations of male behaviour... "

- Murray Healy, in Gay Skins:Class, Masculinity and Queer Appropriations

'Queer' and 'Skinhead' both mark revolts, one against class domination the other against the heterosexual dictatorship. Add the words and multiply the revulsion.

How may queers think skins are just the cops for the heterosexual dictatorship, or mindless queerbashing machines? How many skins think queers are just the pets of the ruling class?

It's wierd how everyone thinks they know what their enemy looks like. Watch how they get disoriented when their enemies act out of character. I guess as long as you think you know your enemy you think you know yourself. Living oxymoronically cuts through a lot of the bullshit.

Count me out as a 'queer skinhead'. There does exist a 'gay skinhead' scene organized around raunchy sex but it is a very different subculture from the scene I know and love that is organized around streetpunk shows. Queer and Skin are like fire and water so I stopped trying to mix them. I am against colonizing the Skin Nation with the bloodless stagnation of gay culture. Too many gays like to preach and I don't know any skins that like to be preached at. Skinhead culture is its own thing; it is not the answer to gay stagnation.

I cringe when punks use the words gay and fag to mean the opposite of anything hard and hardcore, not so much anti-queer, but anti-wimp. It only makes sense if the two - queer and wimp - are confused with each other. But when I stop by a gay meeting or bar, I see for myself how much that confusion is based on reality.