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The Trailer Park Faggot Syndrome

Ever hear the old Indian saw about walking a mile in a man's boots (or was it moccasins) before judging him? The internet is good for that. If you go into a whitepower chatroom (if you can find one: they get shut down as fast as the kinkier gay rooms) you will see a never-ending stream of "antiracists" coming in and informing the occupants that they must live in trailer parks, as if there were something wrong with being poor, working class, or rural.

The economy and social structure of rural "poor white" America is as fucked up and unraveled as any televised urban black "ghetto", maybe more so. Rates of drug use are much higher, and I would not be surprised if rates of incarceration, domestic violence, or any other indicator of social collapse are also high. Are they really just backward rednecks who deserve their fate?

Leftists have long recognized that racism works very well to split the working class, as the races are pitted against each other instead of the Real Enemy, and that is still the case. But now, antiracism is doing the same thing. When anti-racism is used as a codeword for expressing the prejudice of the urban against the rural, the northern against the southern, the college-educated against the rest, it is no wonder the left and the working class have gone in separate directions.

Anti-racism has degenerated into nothing more than a competitive sport among whites, who make public displays of antiracism to dehumanize those whites who are trapped in deadend lives, which happens to protect the ability of the more secure whites to buy things cheaply. This status game has no real effect on the living conditions of actually-existing racial minorities in America.

Well-meaning Whites were once urged to look inside themselves and see how they were complicit with racism, and be upfront about it so they could unlearn and renounce their white privilege. But those who naively follow that advice inevitably encounter a Person of Color who responds with: "see, he even ADMITS he is racist... throw him out of his job!" That of course puts a chill on things.

Who gains from silencing all who may be racist and barring them from public conversation? I am not so sure that even minorities would: the forces that destroy whole communities and stunt the growth of individuals are not easily pinned on specific individuals or groups. Races, peoples, sexualities and ethnicities don't act as units. Individuals act, not categories of them. Just because expressions of the "isms" remind you of how you were fucked over does not mean that they are the actual causes of the ways that you have been held down. Pictures of chains are not real chains that can actually hold someone down. While antiracism does nothing to counter actual racism, that rare, isolated, and powerless breed of vocal white racists acts as a lightening rod for the anger of other subordinated peoples, that leaves the real sources of their problems untouched.

Easy to say as a white man? Does it make it less true? Some time ago I was denounced as a fascist because I made fun of some postmodern philosopher. The denouncer was so convinced of his correctness that he thought only a fascist could disagree with him. Rather than changing my thinking to please him I stopped letting such terms police me. If I look at the world and wonder how it is put together and my conclusions are "fascist" or even "white liberal" so be it.

In Latin American, and in other parts of my own country, fascistic street gangs do act as an unofficial extension of the cops, hired indirectly by the owners of the larger businesses to keep their employees too intimidated to demand that they get paid what their work is worth and enough for the survival of their own families. But here in those parts of America I am the more familiar with, they are the dregs of the labor market - those who are the last to be hired and the first to be fired - and are every bit as marginalized as any people of color, and the cops attack them at least as much.

For the same reasons that keep them from holding down a job, they cannot pull off a racial holy war. Just as they are shunned from the means of getting on in life they are removed from the means of making sense out of their own conditions and so they don't realize that there are much better explanations for their condition in life than some Jewish conspiracy.

If someone cannot impose his views on the world, even if he tried, does it matter that much to you what he believes in?

"The law in its majestic impartiality forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and steel bread." --Anatole France
"Where there is power there is resistance" -- Michel Foucault
Credo quia absurdum/ credibile est, quia ineptum est.
"I believe it because it is absurd"
-- Tertullian