Honoring the DirectionsChants, Prayers, & Invocations, etc.

Chants, prayers and various invocations are used daily to envoke dieties, call on a certain kind of energy, or to just say 'Thank You'. We petition these Universal Sources to protect us, our family, and friends.

Charge of the Goddess - Doreen Valiente
Call of the God - Scott Cunningham
Bringers Of The Dawn- Ali Miner
Goddess Blessing - Stardancer
In Rememberance of Toni - Stardancer
Waxing Moon Blessing Invocation - Firestorm Weaver
Full Moon Blessing Invocation - Firestorm Weaver
Waning Moon Blessing Invocation - Firestorm Weaver
Invocation to Athena - From 'The Moon in Hand'
Candle Invocation - Barbara Van Duyne
For Today and Everyday
Deep Peace - a Gaelic Blessing
Self Blessing - from a workshop with Sharyn Warren
Invocation to the Red Rocks of Sedona - Stardancer
Invocation to the God - Dharma Rainchild
A Rune for all Reasons - Jack Veasey
A Prayer for the Small Ones - Barbara Van Duyne
A Sioux Prayer

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