Fall HarvestFall Equinox (Mabon), Sept. 20 - 23

As the sun crosses the equator and continues its journey south, this is the time of harvest. The season to reap what we have sown from our spring planting, the time of thanksgiving. When day and night are once again equal, time is in balance. The abundance of the harvest is present, but so is our sense of preparation for the dark, cold winter and the death of nature. Fall Equinox is the time Demeter mourns for Persephone and thus causes all in the natural world to die and mourn with her. Another name for the autumn equinox, Mabon, comes from the Celtic Queen Mab of the Fairies.

Sept, 1990 - Red Wolfe
Autumn - 1992 - Fallin' Waters
Sept, 1998 - Wood Smoke
Fall, 1993 - Spirit Dancer
Autumn Equinox, 2000 - Glendower and Dawnsir yn Serenau

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