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Steve McKinley Electronics offers a wide range of pedal mods. Check the list for your pedal.


ACA to PSA Power Supply Mod (PSA) The older BOSS pedals may not work correctly with a modern AC power adapter (like a 1-Spot or BOSS PSA). These older pedals required the BOSS ACA adapter and they have a sticker on the housing right next to the power supply jack. The ACA supplied a higher voltage than the PSA. The ACA voltage is unregulated and the PSA supplies a regulated voltage. The PSA Mod allows your ACA pedal to accept modern and the BOSS PSA power supply. $29 for the mod alone or add $20 to the price of one of the below mods.

BD-2 Blues Driver (Fhat) The BOSS BD-2 is one of the best overdrive pedals BOSS has ever come out with. The MCKINLEY BOSS BD-2 FHAT MOD comes from years of experience to develop an upgraded circuit with improved warmth, smooth midrange, clearer highs, more responsive with better articulation and full frequency response yet transparent. Its musical, tube tube like asymmetrical clipping pushes your amp while keeping its tone! At high gain, it gives you a gritter, edgy tone. Engage its FHAT Switch for a slight bass increase. Due to the extent of this mod, its price is $69.

BD-2 Blues Driver (Brent Mason) To help you sound like top Nashville session super picker, the MCKINLEY BOSS BD-2 BRENT MASON MOD gives you a fuller, more rounded sound which shines at low to middle gain settings.  

BD-2 Blues Driver (Tweed) For more of the those coveted woolly tones from the vintage Tweed era, the MCKINLEY TWEED MOD with get you that tone without the four figure price for a Tweed amp.

BF-2 Flanger (Royal Velvet) Increased depth, improved resonance, high fidelity tone for superior chorus and flanging

CE-2 Chorus (Crystal) Takes this landmark pedal to higher levels. Increased depth, faster rate available, higher fidelity sound, cap replacement breathes new life into a vintage pedal
CE-3 Chorus (Two Girl Harmony) Increased depth, faster top end rate, greater clarity, a pleasure to hear

CE-5 Chorus (Triple Eye) Makes the status LED have a triple function (On/Off, Pulses with the Rate, Brightness based on Depth)

CS-3 Compressor (Main Squeeze) Enhanced Harmonics and Endless Sustain! Through extensive modifications we’ve dramatically improved the BOSS CS-3 making it more articulate, transparent and musical. With a lower noise floor, added depth, and increased bass response, the Main Squeeze adds fat sustain and amazing note clarity to your sound. Whether playing through solid state or tube amps this sweet baby will make your sound smoother without compromising any of the organic qualities of your amp and speakers. With increased touch sensitivity the Main Squeeze places singing leads and instant feedback at your fingertips. Your amp will sound richer, warmer, and more spacious. Great as a compressor or a volume boost!  A bright yellow LED replaces the BOSS red one. For MIJ models, like the CS-2, it breathes new life into them!

CS-3 Compressor (NOS Tube) Vintage vibe and mojo! In the spirit of the Fairchild 660 and Altec 436 tube compressors, as they were the "secret weapons" of the Beatles engineers at Abbey Road in the 60's, the NOS Tube helps to capture the coveted subtle tube compression, organic feel and open air of these legendary compressors. Its use of germanium diodes and circuit upgrades create the tube like fluid compression for use on acoustic and electric guitars, vocals or drums for the vintage organic sound. The NOS Tube just keeps "getting better all the time".
DD-3 to DD-5 Digital Delay (SlowTape) Your digital delay will rival any analog one. Decaying repeats and analog tone!

DS-1 Distortion (Vintage MIJ) Designed to make modern versions sound like the coveted "Made in Japan" DS-1. More clarity and warmer distortion than the later versions. Limited time mod price of $39 (usually $49) Get yours modded before the price goes up.

DS-1 Distortion (Tweed Bassman Blonde) See above tab 

DS-1 Distortion (Triple Rectifier Brunette) See above tab

DS-1 Distortion (JCM 800 Redhead) See above tab

DS-1 Distortion (Plexi Plus) Vintage gain with boosted mid range and switchable mid range hump, an amazing sounding Plexi mod. The best Marshall Plexi mod...ever! Due to the extent of the mod, its price is $89.

DS-1 Distortion (Jack Orman's Fat Mod) The Fat Mod corrects many of the DS-1 flaws and makes it a full sounding, classic "crunch" distortion pedal. Super bright Blue LED

DS-1 Distortion (Robert Keeley Ultra) To sound like guitar gods like Eddie Van Halen (early Halen), Steve Vai and George Lynch. The premium Marshall stack in a box perfect for AC/DC, Halen, Dokken/Lynch Mob tones. The Extra LED increases the volume output of the pedal, which works great for using the Ultra + as a pre-amp to push the amp or to fine tune a low distortion sound on the unit. The Ultra + has increased 2nd order harmonics and tube-like qualities.With the diode Toggle Switch you have the ULTRA+ for huge tube like tone, switch back and you have the classic high gain, tube like distortion! Due to the extent of the mod, its cost is $75

DS-2 Turbo Distortion (Supercharger) Taking both modes even further with increased gain, greater clarity and lower noise floor. Go from Turbo to Supercharger!
GE-7 Equalizer (Studio Grade) More precise control, higher fidelity, ultra low noise, excellent for recording!
HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Cat-O-Nine) Cut through the mix with authority! The CON mod takes this great pedal higher with more gain available, less fuzziness, fuller frequency response, more responsive and lowered background noise. Heavy metal thunder!

LMB-3 Bass Limiter / Enhancer (Thunder) One of the best bass pedal mods available. The Thunder Mod makes your limiter a professional grade pedal. It increases clarity, lowers the backgroud noise, improves signal integrity and adds more punch - BRING THE THUNDER!

MD-2 Mega Distortion (Hardcore) More fun than beating up the bully who tried to take your lunch money. Seriously, brutal distortion with near non-existent background noise even when maxxed and  amazing clarity! HUGH LOWS

MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion (Exclusive - Chris Stookey "Metal Hottie" Mod ) Chris Stookey - Lead Guitarist of Sinister Mercy. The Metal Hottie was designed to Chris's demanding specifications. Seething distortion, extreme "thump" lows, HUGE EQ range, harmonically saturated pinch squeals, Chris calls it his, "bone-jarring brick house of distortion"

MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion (Exclusive - Chris Stookey "Lead Metal Hottie" Mod) As if the Metal Hottie weren't enough, the LMH was also designed to Chris's insane specs for searing soloing. Same seething Distortion as the Metal Hottie but with mid-range boost and smoothed top end distortion ideal for solo work.
OD-1 Overdrive (Legendary) The OD-1 is the overdrive that started it all! Increased bass response, more gain available, greater dynamics and a lower background noise floor. Giving you more of what the OD-1 has to offer to make it all the more…Legendary 
OD-2 Overdrive (Legendary 2) Same as Legacy
OD2-R Overdrive with remote (Legendary 2) Same as Legacy

OD-3 Overdrive (Brent Mason Blackface) Mods the circuit to Brent's specs for vintage Fender "Blackface" amp like tone with increased clarity, enhanced frequency response and lower background noise.  

ODB-3 BASS Overdrive (Low Rider) - Adds mids, warmth and fatness. Improved frequency response, more clean, smooth tone coming through. More clarity, punch and lower background noise. Ride low and lay it down!

ODB-3 BASS Overdrive (Exclusive - Kim Breeden Mod ) Designed to Kim's demanding specs. Throttled growl, more power and thunder! See Kim tearin' it up on tour with Gator!

OS-2 Overdrive-Distortion (Dual Drive) The drive of both worlds made better! Wider range of Gain, added low end, increased clarity, lower noise floor. Shift your Gain into high gear with Dual Drive!

SD-1 Super Overdrive (Tube Screamer On Steroids) To Ibanez Tube Screamer specs but with more clarity, increased bass response, more gain and edge available, the evolution of the great TS808!

SD-1 Super Overdrive (SUPER LEAD F-DRIVE) Inspired by the Fulltone Fulldrive with the legendary JRC 4558 IC chip and its huge sounding gain stage, the SME SUPER LEAD F-DRIVE features added bass for a satisfyingly fuller sound with boosted mids, increased gain and, with its combination of silicon and germanium diodes, adds organic, vintage tube amp-like sag compression at high gain settings so your solos soar with greater clarity and lower background noise.

SD-1 Super Overdrive (BASS SD-1) All the SD1 tone for BASS! Tube like tone, smooth breakup, greater clarity, lower noise floor. Also, gives Earth shaking lows for drop tuned and seven string guitars!

SD-2 Dual Overdrive (Axle) More dynamic, fuller sound, more bottom end, enhanced clarity, more organic sound. Pulls the heavy load!

TR-2 Tremolo (MojoVibe) Faster rate, high end sparkle, corrects volume drop, lower background noise. Create an atmospheric change with your MojoVibe!

Daddy O DO-1 Overdrive (Big Daddy) Takes the Daddy and kicks it up a notch. More signature DO-1 sound comes through with fuller tone, less fuzzines, cleans up better, more tube amp like response and clarity. Watch out, here comes Big Daddy-O! 
Fabtone Distortion (Supertone) More gain available, assymetrical tube like clipping, cleaner when gain turned low. Take your tone from Fab to Super!

FX50B OVERDRIVE PLUS (250 PRO PLUS) Increased bass response, higher output / more gain available, lower background noise and improved signal quality. As a descendent of the legendary DOD Preamp/250, the 250 PRO PLUS carries on the legend.

FX55B/C Supra Distortion (Intense) More low end and thicker distortion. Less brittle highs. More dynamic and responsive.

FX60 Stereo Chorus (DPSP) Increases the depth of the chorus, allows more of an increase in speed, quieter background noise.

GFX70 Extreme Distortion (Brutal) Fatter tone, increased dynamics, lower noise floor, full rip your face off gain!

OD250 Preamp-Distortion (GB 250) Upgrades the circuit to the landmark grey box DOD OD 250 specifications. Grey never sounded so good!

YJM308 Preamp-Distortion (GB 250) Upgrades the circuit to the landmark grey box DOD OD 250 specifications. Grey never sounded so good! 



GCB-95 Please see the Wah Mods tab

JH-1 Please see the Wah Mods tab

Big Muff Pi Fuzz - black, russian version - (QOSA) Brings back mids for a BIG, FULL sound for a QUEENS OF the STONE AGE type of tone. The distortion can also be modified for more of a creamier or high gain sound (one or the other, not both). Please specify if you want this change made. Also, there is the option to have seperate Bass and Treble controls (please inquire beforehand as this requires drilling a hole to add another pot - please add $10 to the cost of the mod). The QOSA mod turns this great fuzz into an AWESOME one!

Small Clone (Depth Control) - A landmark chorus pedal used by Cobain and countless other players! Its simple operation and good sound are its strong points. With the Depth switch, you get only the choices of "on" or "off" but no ability to change the amount of depth for your needs. The Depth Control mod replaces the switch with a dial, which makes the Small Clone much more versatile as you can control the amount of depth and will increase the depth amount available. With the Depth Control mod, it makes the Small Clone one of the best chorus pedals available anywhere. Once you go the Depth, you'll never look back!


Warp Factor Distortion (Dark Lord) Rule the underworld with a heavy hand. Excels with drop tunings for thunder chunk, molar shaking lows, soaring pinch squeals and authoritative punch. Broadened frequency response, powerful clarity and lowered noise floor. Crank it to 11+ and conquer!

CM5 Classic Metal Distortion (Sabbath) Intense attitude, searing lead tone & low background noise. "I am IRON MAN"

CP5 Compressor (Velvet) More punch and transparency, quieter operation, more open air feel.

DL5 Digital Delay (SlowTape) For an analog tape like sound

JD9 JET DRIVER (MARK IV) NEW SME MOD - The MARK IV Mod takes your JD9 and hotrods it for HUGE SOUNDS reminiscent of the legendary MARK IV amps taking overdrive to its highest level.

LF7 Lo Fi (AM Radio) Tighter filtering, low noise and improved dynamics to give a unique tone twist "I'm on a Mexican ray-dee-o"

LM7 LA Metal (FC10 FatCat Rodent Eater) Mods your "not so hot" LM7 pedal to FC10 FatCat specs making it a hungry PC Rodent eater

MS10 Metal Charger Distortion (SuperCharger) Improved dynamic response, much fuller sounding, more bottom end, replaces the muddiness with warmth, clarity and punch!
SM7 Smashbox Distortion (Evil Genius) More aggresive modern gain, wider frequency range, tight responsiveness for sinfully evil riffs!

SM9 Super Metal Distortion (Unbreakable) More active dynamics, heavy low end, increased clarity, wicked tone!

TK999US Tube King Distortion (King Cobra) Searing hot tube growl with serious lows, potent mids & crystal highs for a venomous tone!

TM5 Thrash Metal Distortion (Rough Knight) Heavy lows, throttled gain, searing pinch squeals, low noise!
TS5 Tubescreamer (TS808 PRO) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see
TS7 Tubescreamer (TS808 PRO) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see
TS9 Tubescreamer (TS808 PRO, TS808 PRO Custom & SRV Special) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see

TS808 Tubescreamer (PRO, PRO Custom & SRV Special) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see

BB-2 Blues Breaker Overdrive (Mayall) Smooth, pro sounding with increased clarity, improved gain structure and lower noise floor. Will help you become one of the Blues Greats!
GV-2 Guv'nor Plus (Lord) Upgrades an awesome pedal to Lord quality. Rock solid gain at all levels with no hiss or background noise, greater clarity so notes leap off the fretboard, increased frequency response. You will RULE over your subjects!
JH-1 Jackhammer (Punisher) Relentless attack, sustain  and dynamics. A HARD ROCKIN' weapon of choice.
Shredmaster Distortion (Sir Shred) For when enough is never enough. Insane distortion bordering on extortion! For the most discriminating Master of Shred! Use only at owner's discretion!

OD-9 Overdrive (
TS808 PRO, TS808 PRO Custom & SRV Special) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see
OD-808 Overdrive (PRO, PRO Custom & SRV Special) For expert Tubescreamer mods, please see

Distortion + (Randy Rhoads) It's well known that Randy used a MXR D+ as one of his main pedals. With Rhoads Mod you can get Randy's sound from your D+ with more gain available, louder output and better dynamics. Fly High Again with the Rhoads Mod!

Distortion + (Volume Boost +) The VB+ Mod will get you more output volume with a raised clipping threshold and widen the range giving you better volume control when turned down.
Dynacomp Compressor (Ross) For that coveted Ross compressor sound without breaking the bank. Airy and buttery smooth, a pleasure to hear!
Phase 90 (Script Logo) Increases speed available, modify circuit back to vintage "script logo" Phase 90 specifications


ODR-1 Overdrive (Blitzkrieg) German quality build, smooth strong overdrive, enhanced dynamics, lower background noise. A favorite of Nashville studio players!

Rat 2 Distortion (Double Cross) Greater clarity, increased frequency reponse, lower noise floor, a #2 made to be #1 
Vintage Rat (Holy Dirt)
 A legendary pedal brought to a higher level with more focus, integrity and intensity. Being a Dirty Rat was never so good!

Classic Distortion (Plus) With its upgraded tube quality, increased bass frequency and smoother gain, it brings out the vintage gain coveted by many but had by few!

Tubedriver Distortion - B.K. Butler only (GlowingTube) Takes this tube pedal and heats it up to red hot! Enhanced frequency response, improved signal integrity, more creamy tube distortion. It's no wonder David Gilmour swears by his.

Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive-Distortion (Monster) Take both sides deeper with greater clarity, sparkle and drive.
Route 66 Overdrive-Compressor (RGK TwinJet) Designed by one of the Grand Daddys of audio circuits, RG Keen. When I spoke with RG at NAMM (see front page picture), he told me how this pedal was designed for the professional player to be able to get a wide variety of sounds from one pedal. The Twinjet Mod takes this great dual pedal and makes both sides even better with greater transparency, more articulation and dynamics. Leave it to RG to design a winner!

Sparkle Drive Overdrive (TS808+) Taking the Sparkle to a whole new level. The 808+ brings out more of the signature Tube Screamer sound but with more authority, clarity and presence.

847 Please see the Wah Mods tab

BASTARD (Smitty) The "Smitty" mod duplicates the custom work done on Bryan Smith's BASTARD, which adds a On/Off LED indicator, standard BOSS-style 9V adapter jack and a vintage Marshall style Volume Knob, which addressed the crazy volume jump and allows you to dial in the amount of growl from the Fairchild PN2222 semiconductor engine. The Smitty Mod makes the ROCCAFORTE BASTARD a versatile, pro-grade pedal.

Roccaforte Bastard Smitty Mod

"Mods are good"