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Joel Kosche (Collective Soul, Solo Artist) It sounds good! I dig it (Flexi-Quad Wah, Death Bat, Ibanez TS9 - Custom Super Max Overdrive)


Bryan "Smitty" Smith (Steep, Metalsome Inc, Versatile) I was very impressed with the wah tones I was able to dial in. Some of my favorite wah tones are from Jerry Cantrell, Slash, and the way Randy Rhoads made his wah growl on the Diary Of A Madman album, and I get pretty close to those types of tones.  I was also able to find a great "Schenker-like" tone with the wah set on half way.  Its definitely a very versatile pedal, and I look forward to doing some more "tone chasing" with it.  Thanks Steve for making such a great product! (Flexi-Quad Wah, Ibanez TS9 with TS808 PRO mod, BOSS CE-3 with Two Girl Harmony mod, Death Bat) 


Dewey Vile (Sid Vicious Experience, Solo Artist) Sounds awesome. Has that "sweet spot" I was looking for. Much better than stock, a lot warmer, not as glassy sounding, a lot more bass, but still retaining clarity. Used in front of a clean amp, pretty good distortion, in front of a dirty amp, “Balls to the wall”. I needed this pedal! (BOSS SD-1 with TS-808 mod, Ibanez TS5 with Pro mod, Flexi-Quad Wah)


Lars Nagel (Ditch Diggers, Motor 76, El Caminos) Man, that thing is so bad-ass it makes my Marshall come alive! (Ibanez TS9 PRO)


Greg Georgeson (Tommy Tutone, Sequel & session guitarist) I don't know what your secret is, but it basically turns a pedal I've never really cared for into something I can really use. (Two Blondes)


Frank Moates (Atlanta Vintage Guitar) YEEEOOOOWWW!!! From squeaky clean to a ton of dirt, this really has it (Redhead)


Chip Flynn (Guitarist) Yours are the only pedals I'll use, and this will be my third compressor ... Looking forward to trying all the others, especially the clean boost... (Main Squeeze-three of them! CE-3 Chorus w/ Pleaser Mod) Look for Chip on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label


Chris Stookey (Lead Guitar - Sinister Mercy) The Blonde pedal is absolutely superb. Fantastic tone. Excellent job!!! This one is already one of my favorites. I may even like it a little better than the Brunette, which I thought was magnificent. I do own some other modded distortions (Keeley and Franklin). Yours is completely awesome. (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Two Girl Harmony, Main Squeeze, Metal Hottie & Lead Metal Hottie)


Bryan Stuart (Motor 76) Hey man, your work is AMAZING! I use my McKinley Mods on everything, I wouldn’t think of not using them. (Main Squeeze, Blonde, Dual Drive, TS9 Pro)


Clay Neely (Pretty Vacant-Sex Pistols Tribute) It gets me that classic sound I need without having to go deaf in the process (Blonde)


Lyton Fancy (Mystic Lizard) I’ve always had a thing for Redheads.

My McKinley gives me all the more reason to love ‘em.


Jake & Don (Slow Rot) Props, dude. Sonic Blast-O (Redhead)


Jeff Ryder (County Line Boys) At a gig, I can hear my playing better now even when at lower volumes. Thanks (Blonde)


Reggie Cooper (Dirt Gazer) It helped clean up my pedal board because I use my Brunette in place of two other pedals.


Jack Rays (Self-Inflicted) Ain’t life grand? (Main Squeeze & Blonde)


Tommy Reins (Fasterside) I can’t wait for our next recording. I will definitely be using it all over the place. (Brunette)


Casey Meskers (The Forsakers) As the singer, I don’t play too much guitar. I just strum some rhythm. After I got my Blonde, I want to play more now.


Rick Portier (Jocaine) The Main Squeeze is really pro, man.


Dane Ashby (Kick Tomorrow) I painted mine so no one knows what it is. It’s my little secret. I don’t want everybody else to have my sound. (Brunette)


Carter Harris (Future Dead) If your other mods are as good as the Blonde, I’ll be sending you all my pedals to mod.


Kim Breeden (Gator) That thing is AWESOME!  It sounds so good.  We wrote two new songs was probably thanks to the McKinley. (ODB3 Kim Breeden Mod & Redhead)


Ka-Ching (Super Kmart) A friend let me borrow his Blonde and holy cow that thing is amazing! I love it. I played for hours and hours and didn't want to stop. Super Thanks! (Blonde)


Scott Klain (Producer, guitarist) My McKinley Blonde sounds excellent! It's a pleasure to record and there's no background noise. Thanks and keep up the good work. (Blonde)


Dave Shilling (Stonegate) Your pedal exceeded my expectations. I play fusion metal with a Fender Jeff Beck Strat and my Redhead gives me a supernatural tone. Exceptional gain and performance. Very well made.


Kyle Knauff (Guitarist) Your pedal is badass. It takes my tone to a new level. Rock on my brother. (Redhead)


Mark Filth (Sid Vicious Experience) Holy cow! That thing is like a CHICK MAGNET for my guitar. IT'S ON FIRE! (BOSS SD-1 with TS-808 mod)



Troy Blackheart (Sid Vicious Experience) I’ve played a lot of good shite over the years and my Brunette is ruthlessly brilliant. At rehearsal, in the studio and on stage, she works her charms like a sultry goddess.


Britt West (White Buffalo) Britt's Top 10 List for this McKinley Brunette:

  1. My McKinley Mod has more lead than a Chinese children's toy.
  2. Is there life on Uranus? I don't know, but that McKinley Mod is one hell of a pedal.
  3. Only my Earth Shoes can protect me from the searing heat of my mckinley mod
  4. I wouldn't use anything else with my tuned Dentist drill.
  5. Blonde, Brunette and Redhead, here's one ménage a trois that you won't hate yourself for in the morning.
  6. The first time I stepped on my hottie mod it felt like somebody had shoved a 220 line up my asshole! It lit up my world.
  7. McKinley Mod! What the Fuck? How's my hair look?
  8. McKinley Mod? It ought to be Hottie Cod Piece.
  9. This thing squeals like Ned Beatty in Deliverance.
  10. The onliest extortion pedal you'll ever need.

btw I love the pedal it sounds great with my Strat and Mesa MarkIV. I like the wide variety of sounds I can get out of it. I leave the Rat at home now when gigging. Britt


Garry Lee (the Atomic Gardens) I didn't really know what to expect when I first got the pedal, I haven't bought any pedals that have been modded before. I really love using the McKinley Blonde. I expect it'll be on my pedal board for a long time to come. It is very responsive to your playing, especially when strumming some open chords. I am thoroughly impressed. So what else is there left to say? Great pedal, even better price. Go buy one. I'm sure I'll be back very soon. Thanks very much again! Garry (Blonde, Ibanez TS9 with Pro Mod)


James Martin (SistersBrother) This pedal ROOOOOOCCCKKKSSSS!!! Thank you, sir. This pedal is the poetry of distortion. Order. Now! (Blonde)


Guido Neri (Guitarist) I got the Blonde and it is totally cool. The sound is amazing. I also love how quiet it is.


Joe Morgan (Toejamm) Steve turned my pedals of stone into pure guitar tone. (Brunette, TS7 w/ TS808 Custom, Main Squeeze, Flexi-Quad Wah)


Shane Smith (Guitarist, Recording Artist) I can tell you that Steve's pedals are the best ones I've ever heard, you need to get one (Redhead Custom, Flexi-Quad Wah)


Josh Meyers (Bass) My LMB-3 Thunder pedal sounds just as good as any high end boutique brand compressor


Brian Akers (Guitarist) It gave me greater range for my drive and much better clarity! (TS9 PRO). Before the mod, this pedal really “squashed” my signal. Now I feel like I have a boutique compressor on my board! (BOSS CS-3 NOS)

"Mods are good"