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Tweed Bassman Blonde

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MCKINLEY TWEED BASSMAN BLONDE! You receive an already modded excellent condition (used) MCKINLEY TWEED BASSMAN BLONDE BOSS DS-1, Amber LED

Tweed Bassman Pedal "Blonde" The sounds of a vintage Tweed Bassman in a pedal. The Tweed Bassman "Blonde" turns the BOSS DS-1 into a stompbox that sounds remarkably like the landmark Tweed Bassman amp.  Smooth gain is achieved from asymmetrical clipping and the tone is warmed up with improved low end and slightly softened high end.  The noise floor is lowered for less background noise.  The overall effect is more transparent so your playing comes through with more clarity.  An amber LED replaces the BOSS red one.  If you're looking for that vintage "Tweed Bassman" sound without breaking the bank, this is the pedal for you! 



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