Thomas Nelson

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Children with:
Dorothy Stapelton

Philip Nelson
Thomas Nelson
  • Born: ABT 1604, Cottingham, Yorkshire, England
  • Married Jan 1626, Yorkshire, England, to Dorothy Stapelton
  • Married to Dorothy Stapelton
  • Died: 6 Aug 1648, At Sea

    Father: Thomas NELSON
    Mother: Mary LEVETT

    Thomas Nelson was one of the wealthiest men of Mr. Roger's Company, and owned a six acre house lot in 1643. Soon after the settlement of Rowley, Massachusetts, probably as early as 1642 or perhaps earlier, he built a grist mill, and a sawmill, on Mill River, the first to be erected in the town.

    In the first allotment of lands, he was granted "thirty-six acres of upland in the field called the Mill field, twenty-six whereof was laid out to him as part of his division of upland; the other ten was given to him for encouragement towards building the Mill. Grist mills, known in later years as "Glen Mills" were in operation on this spot from that time until destroyed by fire in 1916.

    Thomas Nelson* was born Abt. 1604 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England and died August 06, 1648 in England. He married (1) Dorothy Stapleton*January 27, 1627 in All Saint's Church, Yorkshire, England, daughter of Philip Stapleton* and Dorothy Hill*. He married (2) Joane Dummer 1638 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, daughter of Thomas Dummer and Joan ?.

    Children of Thomas Nelson* and Dorothy Stapleton* are:

    i. Thomas Nelson, born November 26, 1628 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died November 27, 1628 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

    ii. Katherine Nelson, born May 18, 1630 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died young.

    iii. Mary Nelson, born April 10, 1632 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died August 06, 1636 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

    iv. Dorothy Nelson, born November 19, 1633 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died January 13, 1634 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

    v. Philip Nelson*, born January 22, 1634 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died August 19, 1691 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

    7 vi. Thomas Nelson, born July 14, 1636 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; died April 05, 1712 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

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