Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation
Helene E. Roberts


A milestone in VR’s history was sadly marked by the death of Helene E. Roberts, Senior Editor of Visual Resources and its stalwart leader for more than twenty years. Helene’s passing on February 22, 2008, at her home in Hanover, New Hampshire, came as a shock to her many friends and colleagues who knew her as scholar and image professional extraordinaire during and after her tenure as head of Visual Collections of the Fine Arts Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her many contributions to the enrichment of our understanding of images and imaging as well as Victorian art, history and literature, through her numerous publications, affiliations, presentations, and the accolades that followed, will remain intact in history because of written words and images. We share the sorrow that remains with her husband, David Roberts, her two cats and her extended family.




University of Washington, Seattle, WA

B.A. – 1951
M.A. – 1957
M.L. – 1961



Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (1957-1970)

Assistant Cataloger
Art Cataloger
Art Librarian
Slide Librarian

Harvard University, Fine Arts Library, Fogg Art Museum (1970-1994 [retirement])

Curator of Fine Arts Photographs and Slides Curator of Visual Collections

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (1994-2008)

Visiting Scholar



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Victorian Periodicals Review, Advisory Editor


"Photograph Collections," in Visual Resources Association Bulletin


Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation, Editor


Documenting the Image: A Book Series, Editor


Victorian Studies, Editorial Board


Art History Through the Camera's Lens, Editor (Amsterdam: Overseas Publishers Association and Newark NJ: Gordon and Breach Publishers, 1995)  
The Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography: Themes Depicted in Works of Art, Editor (Chicago and London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998)


Librarians' Research Fellowship, Harvard University Library, for work on the subject, "The Press and the Victorian World"


Distinguished Service Award, Visual Resources Association


Worldwide Books, Publication Award (for The Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography), Art Libraries Society of North America





American Society of Picture Professionals  
Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)

National Secretary, 1986-1988

Art and Architectural Thesaurus Advisory Committee, 1988-1990

Association of Historians of 19th-Century Art  
College Art Association (CAA)

Committee on Electronic Information, 1990-1994

Conference of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ)  
European Society for the History of Photography
Historians of British Art
Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art
Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies
Museum Computer Network
Pugin Society
Northeast Victorian Studies Association
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

Treasurer, 1967-1973

Visual Resources Association (VRA)

Executive Board, 1987-1996

MARC Format Working Group, 1989-93



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On Saturday, March 22, 2008, a memorial service was held for Helene Emylou Roberts at Kendal in Hanover, New Hampshire, where Helene and her husband, David, lived for the past few years. The program was as follows:

Memorial Service


Helene Emylou Roberts


Presiding: Fred Berthold

Cellist: Rebecca Haynes


Prelude from Suite #1 in C major, J. S. Bach


Genevieve Williamson: Head of Collection Development at Dartmouth's Baker Library for many years

Jeff Horrell: Dean of Libraries at Darthmouth College and from 1991 to 1998 Librarian of the Fine Arts Library at Harvard

Christine Sundt: Co-editor with Helene of Visual Resources for 20 years, and chief Editor since 2006


Interlude - Allemande from Suite #1 in C Major, J. S. Bach


Peggy Sullivan: An art historian who taught at the University of Montana at Boseman and at the University of Vermont

Pamela Crossley: Professor Chinese History at Dartmouth College for 22 years

Gene Garthwaite: Professor Middle Eastern History at Dartmouth for 40 years


These were my remarks:

Helene E. Roberts

Thank you for including me in this gathering to celebrate the life of Helene Roberts. I am honored to be here among her family, close friends and colleagues.

For me this is a bittersweet moment because it marks the end of a long and fruitful friendship that was founded and later bound up with collaboration on a project - the journal Visual Resources - beginning in the early ‘80s and continuing without a break until her untimely death. The only distinction of note during this period was in who held the main title of Editor. For most of it, Helene was in charge and I remained quietly in the background assisting her as needed with the title Technology Editor. It was only when I retired from my full-time job at the University of Oregon at the end of 2005 that the pecking order changed. Helene asked for a lighter load and I took overas Editor, assuming the full title at the beginning of 2007. But to my delight she insisted on remaining involved and after much discussion and debate we settled on a new title for her: Senior Editor.

For those of you who are not familiar with VR, here’s a little background. Our collaboration started in 1984 when I was approached by a Vice President of the publishing firm Gordon + Breach who had just acquired a journal from its founders, Patricia and John Walsh. The Walshes were clever to spot a subject area in visual resources that was just getting started but still without a place for its scholarship to be disseminated. G+B agreed and were out recruiting a new editor. I was president of the Visual Resources Association at that time and in a position to act on their offer that ultimately led me to Helene who I considered perfect for the job based on her publication record and professional stature. The only question was would I be so lucky to convince her to take over. I guess my luck was with me because she agreed.

For more than 20 years, Helene was the Editor Extraordinaire of VR. Her connections through Dartmouth and Harvard and her wide scholarly network through Victorian Studies and Women’s Studies - literature, history, visual culture, iconography, art history, and more - attracted excellent authors, some newly minted, others quite seasoned, who were stepping into territory that was somewhat new and wide open, that featured images as visual documentation, reproductions as artifacts, and copying as a facet of culture. This territory is now considered 'hot real estate' by many who regard images and reproductions as the be all and end all of our time, temperament, study and pleasure. Because of this we have no shortage of submissions and an ever expanding list of topics in VR that have included studies of postcards, miniature model rooms, documentation of conflict and wars, and of course serious studies of how images are used or how they represent culture and history.

Since my time is limited, I will start wrapping this up with some personal reflections on who Helene was to me and why she was so dear. Let me say that it wasn’t until recently - 2000 to be exact - that she became Emylou to me. Until then her professional persona took center stage as Helene. I guess you can say that our friendship was cemented in that year thanks to a conference in London, which for all intents and purposes was one of the worst we had ever attended but where we became close friends in addition to cherished colleagues.

Emylou was a leader, a role model, an inspiration, a pathfinder, a dyed-in-the-wool Pacific Northwesterner with good Norwegian roots, and a connoisseur of fashion, style, and the theater. She was strong but always polite, witty and serious, concerned about the future and fully engaged with both the past and the present. She was also a marvelous fellow traveler and roommate. She taught me how to find my way around London without a map and on foot – oh, those countless miles we walked! She also instilled within me the value of happy hour - that martini or glass of wine that we always enjoyed before dinner in our travels. I will miss my friend, my sounding board, my brilliant colleague who was of like mind on important matters such as politics, the environment, and animals, especially cats.

Upon being told of her passing by our friend Peggy Sullivan, I sent an email notice to the various groups and affiliates who knew her. Her colleagues and friends responded with expressions ofshock and dismay but also with fond reflections and memories of what she meant to them. I have collected these notes in a binder, which I will leave with David. Also included in the binder is the text from the website that I created in her honor that is attached to the web page listing all of the issues of Visual Resources (with titles of articles, reviews, and special issues) from the beginning of the journal in 1980. My purpose in doing this was to highlight her brilliant accomplishments and to share with the world why she was so beloved, respected, and treasured as a friend by so many of us.

I have also brought the gift that I was going to send her for her birthday (tomorrow) but which I now give to you her friends at Kendal. It’s nothing of great value - some DVDs of old Sherlock Holmes films - yet another link we had: our enjoyment of mysteries. Maybe that’s also a link that comes out of our profession as curators - looking for the missing bits, the lost elements, unearthing metadata, in faded photos and broken slides, and the hidden meanings that ultimately can be found and assembled into something of value. My friendship with Helene, later Emylou, came together by working together on VR, by putting together bits and elements about images and their documentation, solving puzzles and mysteries in scholarly discourse. Thanks to her VR is the success it is today.

Christine L. Sundt
22 March 2008


Christine L. Sundt, Editor
Visual Resources
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Eugene, OR 97405 - USA
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