Counselor's Lounge

This is a place for the counselor's to relax.

Come in, sit down, relax and grab a beer! Evelyn, the bartender is busy right now,
but if you stop and visit, maybe she'll pour you a drink


The Bar-Jack the Bartender will answer all your alcohol related questions.

Why is {Budweiser/Coors/Miller} Like making love in a canoe?

It's f*****g close to water.

Alcohol Quotes
Alcohol Quotes

Little Bear's Room

Brewery Reports
Brewery Reports

Here are some good beer links:

General information and other fun stuff:

Brew Pubs, Micro Breweries, and good beer:

Enter here for the web site of the nectar of the gods:

St. James Gate

Pub Crawls

Beer Jokes

Cocktail Bar

Museum of the American Cocktail
Vangogh Vodka-8,000 Martini Recipes
Mixed Drink
Mixed Drink Recipes
Web Tender
My Mixed Drinks
Drink Nation
Liquor Snob
Swank Martini
Scotch Whisky
I Vodka
Drinks Mixer
The Beverage Tasting Institute
Bar Shots

Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat." Alex Levine

Wine Cellar

"Great wine is about nuance, surprise, subtlety, expression, qualities the keep you coming back for another taste. Rejecting a wine becasue it is not big enough, is like rejecting a book becasue it is not long enough or a piece of music because it is not loud enough" Kermit Lynch-Adventures on the Wine Route

Organic Wine Guys
Wine Enthusiast
Wine Spectator
Wine Lovers Page
Into Wine
Tasting Wine
Wine Country
Wine Train-Napa
Breakaway Tours
Slow Wine
Far Our Wineries-Paso Robles
Pasovine-Paso Robles
Paso Wine 46 East-Paso Robles
Learn About Wine
Vampire Vinyards
Home Beer Wine and Cheese Shoppe
San Antonio Winery-In Los Angeles
"The world's a party! We're just crashin'"-Bacchus god of Wine King Midas A Play By Heidi Dotson

Alcohol Photo Gallery

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