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There are tons of "Forever Knight" sites out there...this is just my little smattering of things. FK has been off the air for quit some time, however, I am still keeping this page, since it it changed my life. How can a tv show change your life...well let me tell you, the FK community was my first online experience, and I met many people and made many friends. I am still friends with a few, but that has gone beyond this little show.

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This is a little song Rusty wrote about me late one knight

Click here for a few pictures et al from The Gerthering 4

Throwing a Forever Knight Party? Here you will find party games and food.
FK Party

I first met a lot of fans at "The Shrewthering", in Toronto.(Ger was in a performance of "the Taming of the Shrew") Click here to read about my trip.

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