Games Vampires Don't Play

Here are some Forever Knight games you can play at home. They were created by Rusty and have been tested at parties across the country.(OK really just Boston, Chicago and LA)

Pin the Fangs on Lacroix

Object:See who can get their fangs closest to Lacroix's mouth.

Items needed:

1. Tape the picture of Lacroix on a wall or door.

2. Give each player a set of fangs and have them write their name on it. Put a loop of tape on the back of the fangs so it will stick to the fangs as well as Lacroix.

3. Blindfold the first player, spin them 3 times and have them try to get the fangs close to Lacroix's mouth.

4. Repeat until all players have had a turn. The one who is closest to Lacroix's mouth wins.

Night In Question Apple Bite

Object:See who can take the biggest bite out of the apple.

Items needed:

1. Each player takes one bite from their apple.

2. Measure the length, width and depth of each bite. The biggest one wins.


Quizzes are fun and easy. One person asks the questions while the other players write down the answers. Who ever gets the most right wins.

I found one quiz at the Forever Knight Fun Page.

Prize suggestions

Anything with bats
Pictures in plastic frames
Guilt pills
Gummy rats
Raven's Blood

FK Food

The Sweetest Peaches (From Last Knight)
Apples (From Night In Question)
Spagetti off someone elses plate (From The Fix)
Hot Dogs (From The Fix)
French Fries with lots of ketchup (From Dying for Fame and Feeding the Beast)
Ribina (That is what was used for blood)
Donuts (In honor of Donut Don)
Too much bread (From Night In Question)
Honey (From Trophy Girl)
Honey Sticks (Staple food of the UF)
Chocolate Pizza
Gummy Rats (For Screed)

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