Gerthering 4 Report

First let me start by saying I had just as much fun meeting all those people as meeting Ger himself.

Were should I start...the beginning I guess...

OK the beginning

I drove out with Luc. She's a very nice woman who lives in Chino Hills. We are very compatible(OK so people who's names I won't mention say I get along with everyone). But it was a good thing, because we were in the car for 6 hours...

As we pulled into the hotel parking lot up on the 4th floor was Jules and Jackie(I met Jackie and Jules at Bridging) going into there room, so we knew we were in the right place. Funny the first people I saw were people I knew. Anyway as we walked into the hotel there was another woman getting out of a cab...she tripped over the curb and we became buddies for the rest of the weekend. Her name is Debbie and she's from Providence. Luc was staying at her sister's so she went to find her place after I checked in. Deb and I got settled and went up to find Jules and Jackie...they where going out to dinner in a bit so we joined them...while they got ready, Deb and I went to the bar for a drink. The bar had a nice beer selection for a hotel...Guinness(in a can, but better than nothing), Petes, Sammy, and a few a others as well as the usual piss water. So Jackie, Jules, Debbie and I went to a Mexican place down the street, which was very good...we had a great time...during dinner we saw a man and a woman who were obviously with our group...we turns out it was Margie and her husband. She recognized me, but I'm not sure how....

I'll start by saying Ger didn't make it...he did call and while they were trying to get him on the speaker, George hung up on him. I think he got through again, but it didn't work.

It was fun anyway...meeting people and chatting. Susan Garrett read a bedtime story which was really cute. I ran into a few people I met when I went to Shrew in Toronto... Oh and what was really funny...or at least I thought it was funny...Rose(the president of the Fan Club) was wearing a Mitch Pileggi T-Shirt.

The party broke up around 10:30ish, and I was tired, so I up to my room...I ended up falling asleep a bit after midnight, while watching the X-Files.(Go figure.)

Next morning we were having a club meeting at 10...Debbie called my room at 8:30...I was in a dead sleep, so I crawled back under my covers. I made it the room on time...just about everyone was there already...I just don't get morning people, I really don't! No Ger yet...they did a few door prizes, sold raffle tickets, sold other things(pictures and stuff), which went so quickly I didn't even see what they had...then they played "Pic-ger-nary"...where they had to draw episode titles from FK and BH. It was cute...

I think Ger finally showed up around 2...and damn he looked fine!...Clean shaven hair not too short...very yummy. He sat down and started "chatting" right away...asking where people are from and stuff. Then he did the Q & A. I don't remember too many of the questions. I had a question for Ger, but I was too nervous to ask in front of people.

Next came autographs...I was number 53, so I knew it would be a while...but I took lots of pictures of other people and chatted. They called 50-60 to get in line while I was up snapping pictures of Jules...I got in line and suddenly became very nervous...I shared altoids with everyone around me...and Jules came over to talk to me while I waited...which was good...I had 3 things to get signed...the play ticket(From ), an angsty Nick picture and of course the bomb. I had taken out the inside because it's really heavy.


So it was my turn...I sat down next Ger put the bomb in front of him...he said, "It's been a while since I've seen that." Then I asked him if I could asked a sort of technical question...he said "of course." If there was anything else I wanted to say to him, I forgot, because it took everything to keep my voice steady enough to sound somewhat intellectual as I asked him. "I've been on a couple sets and noticed when actors direct they are great with the other actors, but have a difficult time communicating what they want to the technical people and I was wondering how you dealt with that?" Ger said the technical stuff was actually his favorite part and he's been around it so much he learned alot and has no trouble at all. He signed the bomb "All My Love Geraint Wyn Davies", the picture "To Suze, all the best Geraint Wyn Davies" and the ticket stub "Love Geraint Wyn Davies". Then he kissed me...right on the lips...I swear I did not expect nor instigate it! He it a great kisser too. Then everyone took pictures...and I must say he has soft skin...really soft!

I was shaking for a while...then we went to dinner at the hotel...

I think it started at 8:45...they didn't have a lot of props and scripts and stuff...most of it was donated by people. He did auction off the "Evil Pink Shirt" from "Games Vampires Play",and a jacket from second season. Both went for big bucks. The funniest was these Christmas ornaments with pictures of get in them...Ger had a lot of fun with that one...making all kinds of ball jokes. The Bar closed at 10:30 and George stopped the auction around midnight. As Deb and I walked up to our rooms we met a really funny woman, who sang the Scottsman song...turns out she was the other Suzanne.

Was good...I think Ger came down around 9:30. He looked well rested. Then he went around to all the tables. While we waited met a few more people. I drove Jackie and Deb to the airport and made it back just in time for Ger to come around to my table...he worked his way around and when he got to me he asked me if I was having a good time...I said of course and I got another kiss on the lips, and all was right with the world. Then more pictures and hugs...and he talked to the last person at our table, but as he moved on to the next table he put his hand on my shoulder...ahhhhh. When Ger finally finished the tables, George presented him with a few gifts and then he finished the auction. Between the auction, the raffle and the cuss/lust bucket they raised over $21,000(For the Children's Hospital Foundation). At 2:00 Ger was wisked off by George. Isabelle put it best when she said, "I may be taking the train, but I'm flying home."

I said my good byes and we drove Isabelle to the airport(She was catching a bus there) and we were on the rode by 3...we made it to Chino Hills in 5 we flew literally as well as figuratively. I didn't realize how up I was until I apparently crashed at work.(work will do that to ya!) Several of my co-workers commented on how tired I looked or asked if I was ok and was I getting sick...I told them I hadn't had enough DC, until I realized what it really, what downer.

Overall the weekend was great! I went with no expectations, so there was no way I could be disappointed.I got waaaay more than I bargained for...I certainly didn't expect any kisses!

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