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Why should I get my own corner of Doctor who when My good friend Shaun has the best site on the web? That would be Outpost Gallifrey. Until a few years ago, I wasn't even a Doctor Who fan.
This is why. I move to Los Angeles from Boston in 1997. I only knew a couple people. as it turns out, my friend's Cathy and Ro (Whom I knew through Forever Knight online community, where also members of a Doctor Who Club, The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles. This group just happened to meet at the LASFS Clubhouse (Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society). Cathy also invited me to help build a giant Stonehenge for the upcoming Gallifrey Convention. Not only did I volunteer to build, I worked the convention, helping with tech and I joined both the Meddlers and LASFS. All were good social outlets, and I have many friends from all three groups. In fact I am now the Guest Liason at Gallifrey. I have also been the Daily News Letter Editor and Assitant in the hospitality suite. For the Meddlers I was on council for 4 years and I was editor and co-editor of the monthly news letter for 3 and a half years. In 2002, I was rewarded the Cathy Watson Award for Service to the Timemeddlers. So there you have it. My favorite Doctor is th 5th, my favorite episode is "Caves of Androzani", my favorite book is Vampire Science, my favorite companion is K9, my favorite monster is Aggedor and I really like the new series. Welcome to my little corner of Doctor Who!

I know what you're thinking, "Nice story, but what about the content?"
I have lots of pictures, excerpts from the newsletter, and of course quotes.
If you want real stuff visit Outpost Gallifrey, if you want a bit of fluff, sit back and relax, 'cause here you will find fluff.

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