Ireland and London

1 May-15 May 1992

The Musical Journey of Suzanne and Vicki

1 May

2 May

We got around London on The Tube, which was quit easy.

3 May

4 May

We stayed at Kelly's Hotel, which was wonderful.

5 May

6 May

My next door neighbor's cousin took us around Dublin...he was a great tour guide! "Thought for the day: We're on vacation, we're getting paid to be on vacation in Dublin, other people are stressing at work."

7 May

I had some time on the train to write down a bunch of random thoughts...
"I've heard Boston compared to Dublin, now I know why-all the roads are one way and the drivers are crazy.(Just like Boston)
The other thing I keep forgetting to write down is the songs that mysteriously keep popping into our heads. All through London it was Billy and Pete (Bragg and Townsend). It's funny, you never really think about how the city the artist grew up in influences their writing. Little things creep into the songs. I think with Pete, Vicki was recognizing Tube stops from songs. With Billy it seemed to be just things we did. "Walk in the park...." SO, it would seem natural that when we arrived in Dublin, U2 would pop into our heads. of course it did. I can't even say why the certain songs did, maybe it was just the air...I also had "Dirty Old Town", but that could be a U2 or Pogues thing.
I just finished my second Crunchie of the trip. I've been trying to try different things, but Crunchies and Flake are the best. I've also seen M&M's around, so I could feasibly survive in London or Dublin. I guess I'm just a city chick at heart. We're headed out to the country. It's pretty..."

8 May

9 May

We rented a car for the day, which was nice, because we weren't slaves to the train and could stop where and when we wanted. Though driving on the other side of the road was an interesting challenge.<

10 May

Upon returning the car "The Avis guy said, 'Oh, it's all in one piece.' He seemed surprised."

11 May

Waterford Castle

12 May

13 May

14 May

15 May

"I would defiantly do it again. Next time I would spend more time in London and Killarney. I would also like to spend more time in the Aran Islands. And there were things we missed, Kilkenny looked nice as we passed through and Northern Ireland is supposed to be beautiful. I would also like to see the English countryside, as well as Stratford on the Avon, the Cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge and Scotland. But I don't regret anything. We did see a lot. I would not change anything, except an extra night in Killarney instead of Limerick...I'm really sad it's over and I can't wait to do it again."

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