Wacky Fun In the Consuite at LA Con 4

You've already met our mascot, here is the rest of the gang:

We had to label all the food:

Raisins in a Bowl
Raisins and Peanuts Living together, total chaos
Humiliated Grapes
Weight Challenged Wheat Crackers
This Bowl May Contain Peanuts
Reese’s Pieces-Approved by ET
Ruffles without Ridges
Puttin’ on the Ritz-Official snack food of Young Frankenstein
Soilent Yellow
Jelly Bellies-Consume at your own risk
Goldfish Bowl
Mixed Nut-Like this place
Potatoe Chips

We had a snowstorm

We conducted a science experiment

We conducted a sociological experiment
(If you put out a tray with one cube of cheese, will someone eat it? They answer is yes, but not until after a bunch of people stare at it for a little while.)

We had a bedtime story at midnight every night, with cookies and milk...nobody went to bed though.

We kept a quote list...

And when we got really tired, we made art.

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