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Theater Mania
Goldstar Events
Eye Spy
Theater links
LA County Arts Commision
LA Stage Alliance
NoHo Art District
The Ministry of Unknown Science
Independent Shakespeare Company
Alliance Repertory
The Theater District
Ark Theater
Ten West
Side Project
No Shame
Road Theatre
Deaf West
Improve Olympics
Ensamble Studio Theatre
Theatre West
Sacred Fools
Hollywood Fight Club
The Groundlings
Camarillo Comunity Theatre
Synthax Theater Company
Plays 411
What's My Line
First Stage LA


Matt Duggan
Jim Blanchette
Gregory Crafts
Erika Jensen
Lucius Bryant
Shane Elliot
Robert Spuhler
Trevor Boelter
Tom Hyer
Victor Isaac
Steven Grove Malloy
Wendy Gough
Jenny Martin

Other Links

Jeff Goode
Mona Nash-For Headshots!
Arly Masks
Alter Years-Period Costuming and supplies
Russell Lee Fair-Stage Manager (Really great information for stage managers)
Theatre Techie
Demo Reel Secrets
Black Derby Production
Techie Wear
Theatre Humor
Tape Monster
Fantasy Costume
TL Barnes Enterprises-Trims,. Buttons and Appliques
Film and Theatre Reference
Offstage Theatre Group

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