Toronto Ontario, Canada

24-28 April 1996

The Shrewthering


This trip was my first venture into fandom and the online community. A few people said to me, 'haven't you seen that X-Files episode?' Let me tell you , this was worth the risk. I made many new friends, some with whom I am still in touch."I can't believe this day is here! This trip has been in the works for two months! How did I end up doing this---well, I was in a little chat group on AOL about the tv series Forever Knight. The lead actor Geraint Wyn Davies is appearing in 'The Taming of the Shrew'. One women mentioned she was going from Providence, so later I e-mailed her and we took it from there. Most people who are going are on an e-mail list. I have never met anyone-approximately 125 people from the US and Canada and one from the UK.