The Truth is Out There: The Column

These articals were written for the Intergalactic Enquierer for the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, unless otherwise noted.

Crop Circles
The Alien Conspiracy
The Bermuda Triangle
The Druids
The Nephilim
Origins of Scientology
Time Travel
Snake Cults
Santa Clause
The Grim Reaper
Shape Shifters
The Haunted Wild West
Psychic Detectives
Secret Societies
Stonehenge and Other Stone Circles
Vampires: History, Legend and Pop Culture
Men In Black
The Jersey Devil
LA River Monster

Crop Circles

Fox Mulder once told Max Fenig he thought crop circles were a hoax (X-Files episode “Fallen Angel”). Fenig asked him to explain the “anomalous blisters on the plants.” Mulder blamed them on unreported weathering conditions common to wheat or a systemic reaction to the plant tissue. In truth there is more evidence in favor of Fenig’s view.

Crop circles are patterns in fields (usually wheat of corn, but they have also appeared in barley, canola, grass, trees, and on the rare occasion snow and slat beds.) They usually appear over night in the spring and summer months and have occurred in every country in the world except China and South Africa. The earliest known crop circle appeared in England in 1647, though they weren’t recognized by the media until 1980. They did not appear in significant numbers until the early 1970’s and were mostly made of circle and swirls. By 1990, they were mostly made up of circles and swirls. By 1990, they were becoming more complex and included straight lines, angles, and spiral rings. The swirls are often in multiple directions, sometimes even woven and pulled inward. Thousands are reported every year with the most elaborate occurring in the UK.

These circles have many things in common. The plants look dehydrated and have enlarged cell walls. There are “expulsion cavities in the nodes of the plant stalks and significantly extended node lengths.” The soil tends to have a higher concentration of magnetite verses the soil verses out side the ring. Some farmers have reported increase in crop yield of up to 40% as long as five growing seasons after the appearance of the crop circle. There have been reports of equipment failure in and over the crop circle, including compasses spinning out of control, watches, cell phones, batteries and cameras. The filed reads 10 times the radiation level of a normal field. Some visitors to the sites have experience unexplained headaches, dizziness, tingling pains and giddiness. The circles often occur over water supplies and on land above chalk beds. Another interesting note is they have occurred inside military installations. Eyewitnesses have seen light and arc phenomenon, v shaped Telsa (think Frankenstein) or clear bubble gas discharge.

Could humans pull this off? Well, if they could, it would have to be an elaborate worldwide conspiracy of some very sneaky and stealthy organization. Any tempt to recreate the phenomenon, at first glance looks successful, but at closer observation they are very messy and the plants all lean the same way, all circles that have been proven to be hoaxes have that in common.

So what are the theories? The scientific explanation is a whirlwind or plasma vortex. Some believe it is earth energies. Others believe in an underground archeological explanation. They could be a military experiment. And of course, many believe they are the work of extraterrestrial origin or the work of a god force.

Me, I want to believe it’s the aliens sharing their art with us.

Sources: Crop Circle Connector et al

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The Alien Conspiracy

“Our necessary and plausible denial is intact.” Cigarette Smoking Man, The X-Files

Could we be alone in this vast and infinite universe? Our government would like us to think so, but the evidence points elsewhere. Since the Roswell incident in July of 1947 and even before, despite eyewitness accounts, our government has been trying to keep the existence of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet a secret.

There have been many recorded incidents, with trails ending with some story to debunk the truth, unless you dig deep enough. Let’s go back to July 1 1947, when radar first detected an unknown object zig zagging across the New Mexico sky with unusual speed and maneuverability. The following day the object was spotted over Roswell. On Thursday, officials from Washington DC came in to observe and by late Friday, the object was lost by radar and assumed to have crashed. On Saturday, Grady Barnett, who was working with a group of Archeologist north of Roswell discovered wreckage and called the fire department. William Brazel found debris ¾ mile long and several feet wide on his ranch 35 miles north of Roswell. On Sunday the us military took over with the Air force arriving Monday. There were rumors in Washington that bodies had been found, so Deputy Chief of Army Forces, Lt. general Hoyt Vandenberg, took over and declared that the object was just a weather balloon.

There have been many other incidents since then and they were all taken over by either the military, the CIA or the FBI. However J Edgar Hoover sent out a memo to the FBI telling them not to investigated UFO’s as most of them where hoaxes.

In 1951, the air Force was ordered to only make reports of UFOs to the three specific intelligence groups. Airline pilots were also asked not to talk to the press about anything unusual they have seen. The government claims these riles fell under the Communication act of 1934 and espionage laws, and though the government is not talking (author Jim MArrs even goes as far as call NASA “Never a Straight Answer). The Air forces standard answer to reports is “we can neither confirm nor deny…”, but witnesses tell different stories.

In 1957 the National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was formed with a simple goal, to “tear down the wall of secrecy.” But do people believe what they say? They certainly hope so.

So, the question is how far does the cover up go? Covering up seems to be and international phenomenon.

On June 30, 1908 “something” exploded over Tunguska, Russia destroying 2.150 square kilometers. To this day, no one knows exactly what it was; an asteroid, a comet or something else? There is evidence that the Germans were working on a flying saucer during World War II. Could this have been alien technology?

In 1897, there was a crash in Aurora, Texas and one of the fragments was found to be unusual by a scientist and the University of Texas. There fore if was turned over to the government where scientist at the National Aeronautical Establishment of Canada found the fragment to be normal.

The next question is why the cover up? Are the governments using secret alien technology for their own means? Are they afraid we won’t get along; I mean we can’t even get along with each other? Or do they think we can’t handle the truth?

Maybe there is truth in our fiction. He X-Files was based on governments cover ups. The Doctor’s friends at UNIT are set up to defend the earth from alien invasion.

The truth is truly out there, you just have to know were to look!
Sources: Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, NICAP et al

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The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, though not actually recognized by the Geographical society is generally considered to be located in the ocean between Miami, Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico and Bermuda. I this area an unusual amount of ships and planes have disappeared with out a trace, or shown up later without a crew. The boats and planes vary in size and crew numbers, and range form military to small pleasure craft with pilot as and captains of various levels of experience. This area has also become know as ‘the Devil’s Triangle”.

Strange things have been happening in this area as early as the 1400’s. Christopher Columbus reported many unexplained phenomenon in his journals as he searched for a short cut to the Far East. He wrote of seeing balls of fire plunging into the sea, mysterious lights on the horizon, the sea rising high without wind and the North Star moving, though the compass did not. These are not unusual reports from the area. There are only two places on earth that the compass points to magnetic north rather than true north. The other is off the coast of Japan in a place known as the Devil’s Sea. Weather patterns in the Bermuda triangle have been known to come up rather quickly without much notice. The Gulf Stream is quite strong. Other witnesses have claimed to have seen ghostly images, weird magnetic phenomenon, strange for and large unexplained splashes in shallow water.

The earliest record of the disappearance of a ship was the USS Saratoga in 1780. No warships claimed to have engaged her, yet she was never heard form again. The first aircraft to be reported missing in 1942, when an entire squadron of TBF Fighters disappeared.

There are many theories, some practical, some scientific and some mystic. The Coast Guard believes that most of the boats and planes were too small and the crews had insignificant knowledge and experience of the area. They believe they may also have been involved in some sort of smuggling common to that area of the world.

Scientist believe it could be large methane hydrate deposits in the ocean floor, which sick ships and plane s right down to the bottom in an instant. A Vancouver scientist has been experimenting with the effects of electromagnetism on various wave lengths. I the process of the experiments, he recreated every unusual phenomena reported to occur in the Bermuda Triangle. This has become know as the Hutchinson Effect.

Some theorize a sort of time phenomenon. (Sort of like The X-Files episode “Triangle”, where a ship that had disappeared during World War II reappeared and Mulder Boarded, though he found himself caught in the 40’s with eth passengers and crew while Scully and the Lone Gunmen wandered the empty ship at the same time. This stretches the theory a bit, but it is TV after all.) Actually during the Vietnam “War”, pilots heard strange radio signals that turned out to be from pilots during the Korean “War”. There was another report that a man in New Hampshire got a radio distress call from a ship off the coast of South America. The theory is that there may be some sort of Time Rift concentrated in the triangle. Of course there are always aliens. Reports from the area are similar to those of other alien abductions, such as electronics going haywire and loss of radio contact. The Bermuda triangle has some of the deepest marine trenches in the world. Others Theorize that the ships and plane shave been taken to an underwater world, perhaps the lost city of Atlantis.

Whatever you believe, only 8,152 missing people know for sure and they ain't talking.

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The Druids

“That must be very boring. There is very little that’s historic. I always thought that it was founded in the 17th century by John Aubrey, he had a great sense of humor.” The Fourth Doctor Doctor Who

Perhaps it was the Doctor who had a sense of humor. John Aubrey was noted for the study of the ancient druids in the 17th century though his research and study of the ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Aveburty, a noted center of Druidism.

There isn’t a lot known about the ancient Druids, as the Christians, the Roman’s and other invaders of the Celtic lands biased wrote their history. The Christians saw them as wizards and the Romans saw them as savages. From archaeology and less biased writings, we know that ancient Druids acted as philosophers, judges, educators, historians, doctors, seers, astronomers and astrologers to the Celtic people. They were priest and Priestess, who had more of a clientele than a congregation in a time when religion, culture, and lifestyle were more closely combined. They had to go through twenty years of training. And though there is no evidence that the Druids spread beyond Britain and Ireland, but they had the same level of cultural academics as some indo-Europeans.

The earliest evidence of the culture goes back as far as the early second century BC. The word “druidae” is of Celtic origin and possibly was derived from the Greek “drus” which means “oak” and “wid” which means knowledge or to know or see. Oak, along with rowan and hazel were sacred to the Druids. They also performed their worship ceremonies in stone circles. The ancient Celtic tribes lived and relied close to nature to survive and it was the Druids who knew and respected the environment. In fact, their calendar is related to the change of seasons with major “holidays including the equinoxes and solstices.

There are many new sects of Druid popping up today. Though they cannot be the same as the ancient religion; their basis beliefs of respect for the land and their fellow man remain true. Lone star: “Just what we need, a Druish Princess.” Bart: “Funny, she doesn’t look Druish.” Spaceballs

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The Nephilim

The Nephilim are an ancient race of giants who may have roamed the earth over 4,000 years ago. The origins of there existence comes form the “Book of Enoch”, a lost book of The Bible and The Dead Sea Scrolls. The Book of Giants was also widely read during the Roman Empire, not to mention reference through out the "Old Testament" of The Bible.

The passages that state the Nephilim are the offspring of angles who lived before the time of the great flood. “The Nefilim were upon the earth in those days and there after too. The sons of the gods who cohabitated with the daughters of Adam and they bore children into them. They were the mighty ones of eternity.” (Genesis 6:4) There is other evidence that might indicate their existence. There are megalithic monuments in the land of Canaan and Greek texts talk of “monstrous man eating Cyclops” who moved gigantic blocks to make the walls of Titns, Mycenae, and other cities. Could these be the men who built the pyramids?

The word Nephilim has many translations, Watcher, Untimely Birth, or fallen down ones (in Hebrew). It is possible that the word “giant” is used metaphorically, as we use the phrase “giants of industry”. In fact the Good News Bible translates the end of the Genesis passage as “they were the great heroes and famous men of long ago.”

Then again, these could be all stories because there is no physical evidence, no bones, and no object that could have belonged to a race of giants.

Sources:Illuminations, Nephilim, Nephalim Apocalypse

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Origins of Scientology

"How could a religious order with ties to Hollywood be involved in anything immoral." Selfologist-Millennium

There are many stories around about the origins of Scientology. I heard that four science Fiction writers were sitting around and trying to come up with the fastest way to make a whole lotta money. One suggested start a country, but that wasn’t really practical. L. Ron Hubbard suggested, start a religion, so he did and he was right. Of course this is hearsay, so I decided to look into it further.

I found another hearsay story, of Joe Haldman, who told his class that he and Hubbard and several other writers were drinking at a convention and someone said , “any SF writer worth his salt should be able to create a religion that people will follow en mass.” Hubbard said it would take ten years to make one million dollars, but he accepted the challenge…it took 3 years. Another story says the Hubbard felt that writing for a penny a word was ridiculous and if anyone wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.

The story behind scientology surly seems like something out of the mind of a science fiction writer. It goes something like this, 7 million years ago the intergalactic ruler Xenu wanted to control the over population, so he froze the people of 76 planets, put them on earth and killed them. The souls and spirits that survived are called Thetans and they inhabit our bodies. Then again is that so far out as many other popular religions?

The Scientologist story is that in his travels around the world, Hubbard sought the answer to the human dilemma, “Why is there suffering and misery.” Unable to solve the problems of war, insanity and unhappiness, he began to study the different cultures to see how the human mind functions. He wrote science fiction to earn money to support his research. In the late 40’s he published the compiled info under the title The Original Thesis (today this is published under The Dianetics of Life).

After the success of Dianetics, Hubbard began to study the human spirit and scientology was born.

I found another story that said after Hubbard lost control of Dianetics he obtained a lie detector called an electropsychometer, and renamed it the EU meter and claim it was the tool he used to discover the human soul. This is what scientology became.

So what is the truth? Only Mr. Hubbard knows for sure, and he ain’t talking.

Sources: Skeptic Files, What is Scientology, Xenu et al

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Time Travel

“Gosh, that takes me back…or forward. That’s the trouble with time travel, you never remember.” The Doctor “Androids of Tara" Doctor Who

Time itself is an interesting concept. It is not tangible, no one knows were it comes from or where it goes. And just how is time measured, by the clock on the wall, the movement of planets, and sand through the hour glass? It raises the question, “When will then be now?” And how often do you find yourself saying, “If I only had a TARDIS.” (Whether is was to undo past mistakes, get beyond an unpleasant situation or get that job done; the one that was just handed to you and needed to be done yesterday.) Is time travel actually possible, or practical for that matter, or is it just something out of science fiction?

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking believes that the laws of physics do not allow for the possibility of time travel. He argues that if we could time travel we would be over run by time travelers. Astronomer Carl Sagan, who believed that time travel may be possible in the future, gave several arguments to Hawking’s theories. Laws of physics have been broken, such as splitting the atom, so perhaps the specific concept or method is something the human mind has not yet grasped. The laws of physics tell us what is possible, not what we can do at this time. Sagan also argued that there are several reasons we are not over run by time travelers. After all, there are aliens and we don’t see them. Time travelers may have some sort of invisibility cloak, so as not to allow them to interfere with the time line.

Several of our favorite science fiction show has demonstrated what happens when there is an interference with the time line. In the Star Trek universe, they created the Office of Temporal Investigations, to insure that the time line was not upset. In the Red Dwarf episode “Timeslides”, Lister changed his destiny, by inventing the tension sheet instead of Thick Holden. Luckily Rimmer got lonely and fixed that. In The X-Files episode, “Synchrony”, the man who discovered time travel came back to kill himself, because of all the problems it caused. The Doctor himself was put on trial for interfering with the time line. So even if we could time travel, is it such a good idea?

Carl Sagan agreed that though time travel into past history would be a great experimental science, it could cause interference with some deep paradoxes. The best example is the grandfather paradox. If you travel back in time and kill your grand father, do you no longer exist, and if you no longer exist, how could you have traveled back in time to kill your grandfather? Got a headache yet?

Of course we still haven’t answered the question, is time travel possible. Newton proved that motion changes with time and Einstein’s theory of relativity proved that times change with motion. It has also been proven that an object traveling at high speed ages more slowing than a stationary object. Therefore if on day man traveled at light speed, he may stop and find himself in the distant future. But would he be able to get back? (Since this hasn’t been done, it is another reason we are not invaded by time travelers.)

There are other ideas as well; there are strangenesses in the cosmos such as wormholes, the possibility of higher dimensions, super space and parallel universes.

But for know when you absolutely positively need you get your package there yesterday; you’ll just have to rely on TARDIS Express.

Source: Nova

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“All you zombies hide your faces, all you people in the streets, all you sittin’ in high places, the pieces gonna fall on you.” The Hooters

A zombie is defined as someone who is physically human, but has no conscious experience. Perhaps you have encountered in the morning before they’ve had their cup of coffee. Seriously, though, discounting pop groups, tasty beverages, and UNIX processes, there are basically three kinds of zombies.

The first is the most well know, the Hollywood Zombie. They are generally reanimated dead and are very mean; they are incapable of speech and crave human flesh. In their early stages they tend to be weak, but gain strength as they get older. They are identified by their disheveled apearance, unresponsive to communication, pale clammy or decomposing skin and they have no concept of personal boundaries. They can be created in several ways-an alien virus, manmade biological gone wrong, a radio active leak or Judgment day. To kill them, you must destroy their brain, cut of their head or incinerate them.

The Hollywood zombie is probably a corruption of the Haitian Zombie. A Haitian Zombie is human created and controlled by a Voo Doo priest through a spell or potion. They lack free will and possibly a soul. They are virtual slaves to the Voo Doo Master.

The third type physiological zombie, which is more difficult to define, but is the type you are most likely to run into unless you are in Haiti (or New Orleans) or hang out in cemeteries. They are people who blindly follow without thinking for themselves but they appear to be normal rational human beings. They are mostly harmless alone, but en masse they can be intolerable. I wouldn’t engage on in debate.

You are probably safe form the most dangerous brain eating zombie, but in case of an apocalypse, you may want to invest in The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

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Snake Cults

“Serpents and religion have gone hand in hand. They’ve represented the temptation of eve, original sin; they’ve been feared and hated throughout history as they have been thought to embody Satin to serve evil itself.” Dana Scully –The X-Files “Signs and Wonders”

Scully may have been correct, and I’m sure the Doctor after his experiences with the Nara would agree with her. Snakes and serpents have had a place in religion as far back as the ancient Egyptians to the Snake handlers of the Apilacian Mountains of today, and have naturally found their way into some of our favorite science fiction programs.

The cobra was a symbol of one of the ancient Egyptians most important gods, Ra, who was portrayed as being surrounded by serpents. They became known as Uraeus and were considered the infant goddess and the offspring of Ra. The cobra can be found on the foreheads of statutes of Egyptian royalty as well as on sarcophagi.

For the Greek Dionysian Cults, snakes signified wisdom and were a symbol of fertility, and associated with the Greek god Apollo. Other ancient Greeks believed snakes to have healing power. The snake charmer, Ophiuchus obtained the secrets from the snakes, the modern medical symbol (the Caduceus) comes from Greek mythology. As the story goes, Hermes, who carried a magic wand, came across two snakes fighting and when he threw the wand at the snakes, they stopped finding and became intertwined on the wand.

Snakes were believed by the Mesopotamians and Semites to be immortal because they shed their skin and became new again. The legend of Buddha is that he was given regenerative powers by the king of the snakes. The Aztecs believed the snake to be half human, half divine descended to earth as the great teacher. Indians, Burmese, and Siamese believed the snake to be a demon with good aspects. Similarly, the Chinese believe the serpent form of the dragon was fierce yet protective.

The Ophits were a snake cult who would arrange loaves of bread around snake holes and recited incantations to lure them out until they coiled themselves around the loaves of bread. They would then eat the bread and kiss the snake. This was considered the perfect sacrifice.

The Romans also held snakes sacred; they were kept in a sacred place in each city for protection and were maintained by the Vestal Virgins. It was said if the snake refused the food from its attendee, she was no longer a virgin and would be executed.

Snakes and serpents have also had their place in The Bible. There are several references in the "Old Testament", the most well known, being the temptation of Eve by the serpent who gave her an apple form the tree of knowledge. The other, was Moses’ staff, which turned into a snake when he threw it on the ground to prove to the king that he was speaking for God.

It is in the "New Testament"; however, from which we get the modern snake handling cults. The story is that as Reverend George Hensley was preaching in the hills of Tennessee, while he was reading Mark 16-18, "If they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed,” someone dumped a box of rattlesnakes at his feet. He picked them up and continued preaching. Thus the Church of God with Signs Following was formed. It spread throughout Appalachia until 1945 when a member of the congregation died of a snake bite, leading to the banning of snake handling in Tennessee in 1947. North Carolina followed with the ban. In the 50’s the cults withdrew, but they came into the spotlight again in 1971, when three people died in Tennessee and Georgia and though the practitioners pleaded their first amendment rights to freedom of religion, Tennessee reaffirmed the ban. So what happened to the churches founder? He died of a snake bite in 1955. Snake handling is still practiced to day in small groups by fundamentalist who follow a literal interpretation of The Bible. Only anointed ones are permitted the creature. Services are usually in summer and fall when rattler, cottonmouths and copperheads can be captured.

Given the diversity of the influence of the slithering ones, it is no surprise they have found their way into the realm of science fiction. During the last season of Dark Angel, we learned that Manticore had links to an ancient snake cult, in which the requirement to join was to survive a poisonous snake bite. An episode of The Burning Zone, “Hall of the Serpent”, features a cult leader (Nicholas Lea), who claims to have gained healing powers from the snakes after sleeping in the Greek temple of Asclepious, the god of healing. The X-Files episode “Signs and Wonders” focuses on the Church of God With Signs and Wonders, which closely resembles the snake cults of today. The churchgoers believe that the righteous can be bitten by snakes and their lives will be spared.

The fifth Doctor first encounters the Mara on the planet Loka in the episode “Kinda”. The Mara posses Tegan and in the form of a snake, moves to one of the Kinda natives, Aris, who tries to get the other Kinda to destroy the one thing that can eliminate him. Thanks to the Doctor, he fails and the Mara is drawn out of Aris and disappears…or so we thought. The Mara attempts a triumphant return in “Snakedance”, when it once again possesses Tegan as the TARDIS lands on Manussa right at the time of a festival celebrating the destruction of the Mara 500 years earlier. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, some of the people are planning to regenerate the Mara at the end of the ceremony. Of course the Doctor and the Mara is sent back to the dark places of the inside, where it belongs.

So next time you are out hiking and find a snake starring at you, think about these things…then don’t move until it goes away, because the Doctor, Mulder and Scully can’t save you.
Sources: Outpost Gallifrey, The Good News Bible, Info Please, View Zone, et al

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The story of Atlantis has long been debated by academics in many fields including archaeology, oceanography, ethnology and anthropology. The only true evidence of its existence is a story told by Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogs Timaeus and Critas. The story is told through the point of view of Kritais, who told the story to Socrates. Kritias heard the story from the priest Solon on his visit to Egypt and the story had been passed down from generation to generation for 9,000 years. The story tells us that Poseidon, god of the sea, fell in love with a human, Cleito and they had five sets of twins. The first son, Atlas, was the first ruler of Atlantis. Atlantis was a continent found beyond the gates of Hercules, which are believed to be what we know as the Straights of Gibraltar. It was a fertile land with subtropical temperatures and their technology was more advanced than that of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The people were culturally sophisticated, kind, civilized and obedient to the laws. They went on for several generations living simple and virtuous lives. Its empire spread throughout the world, but as is the nature of man, greed and power led to corruption and Zeus had the land swallowed by the sea as punishment. The remaining colonist hid their identity from fear of persecution. Currently there are no records or archeological evidence of the existence of the “lost Continent”, yet people are still searching for it, even to day today. Plato’s story has several holes; it ends hanging, never revealing the location of Atlantis. There are a few theories behind this. Perhaps politics prevented him from revealing the location for fear that it would upset the current system or perhaps he believed it would reveal metaphysical secrets, best kept that way. There also could be a translation error in the transcripts. It is also possible that Plato refers to two periods of history overlaid. There are some errors in Plato’s time line. Solon did visit Egypt, but not at the time Plato said he did.

So why trust Plato? There are other hints in history, religion and language that may point to a hidden landmass, which could, in fact be Plato’s Atlantis. Many major religions have some kind of world destruction story caused by an angry god. In the “Old Testament” of The Bible is the story of Noah and the great flood, where is rained for 40 days and 40 nights. A Hopi legend speaks of the destruction of 3 worlds, the first was destroyed by fire, the second was destroyed by and angry god, who spun the world around so that the mountain fell into the sea, lakes covered the earth and froze; the third was destroyed by rain. The Egyptians speak of the sun god, Ra, sending a fiery object from his eye to destroy the earth.

Ancient Greek and Sanskrit translations may also give us a clue. The word "Atala" in Sanskrit translates to “sunken to the bottom” and the Greek word "Atlas" means “pillar of heaven”.

So how could an entire continent disappear? Was it a flood or tsunami? A volcanic cataclysm? Or was it something more? Some ancient writing indicates that the sun did not always rise in the east and set in the west. There is also evidence that Greenland and Siberia were once subtropical. This would support the theory that the earth’s axis was somehow tilted or that the earth’s shell is movable. If this is in fact the case, then how did it move? Perhaps a giant asteroid hit the earth. This could have been severe enough to move the earth’s axis or shell, making a significant climatic change. It could have brought poisonous gases or caused the Gulf Stream to change quickly and alter the earth to the way we know it today. We know the moon controls the tides. Perhaps at one time there was no moon or two moons. All of these theories could explain the disappearance of a giant land mass.

So if Atlantis did exist, where was it? Believers have been looking at several locations; the most obvious is the Atlantic Ocean, which does, in fact, lie beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The Azores Islands which lie 900 miles off the coast of Portugal could be the last remains of Atlantis, as could the Celtic shelf. IN the Bible, King Solomon describes the Thrashish navy bringing great treasures from what is now known as Tartessos, southern Spain, and Northern Morracco. Others believe that in the time of Plato, the Atlantic Ocean did not exist, as the Americas were there before the continental drift. People who find the theory of a moving axis or shell to be false, believe it could not be in the Atlantic, as it is too clod and too deep. In 1953, a German scientist explored the North Sea using evidence found on a wall in a temple in Egypt. Divers found rock walls covered in black, white and red at 45 feet. They also found stone aged flint instruments.

Others are looking on the other side of the world. The South China Sea is one possibility or the island of Thera, a volcanic island north of Crete in the Aegean Sea.

Ancient Phoenician and Hebrews reported getting rare jewels and oils from the land of Punt and Ophir in the west and east Africa; however, there is no evidence of any catastrophic event occurring there. We do know that there are rivers buried beneath the Sahara desert. Perhaps Atlantics was destroyed by a sandstorm.

No one has found any true evidence that they have been looking in the right places. So why keep looking? It is believed that Atlantis holds the secrets to a way of thinking or of all religions that will bring peace and harmony to the world.

So people keep looking. They want to believe.
Sources: Atlantis: the Lost Continent Finally Found, Active Mind, Atlantis History, Atlantis, Myth or Reality by Murray Hope and The Unmuseum

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Ghost: (N):1. The spirit or soul, 2. The supposed disembodied spirit of a dead person, conceived of as appearing to the living as a pale, shadowy apparition. 3. A haunting memory 4. a faint shadowy semblance, inkling slight trance.”

That’s Webster’s definition. The concept of “Ghost” has been with us for thousands of years and yet there is no solid scientific proof that they exist, at least for the skeptic’s point of view. Others will point out that we have only recently put man on the moon, and the possibilities of new discoveries and advances in research may not yet be in our reach. The existence of ghosts has been around for almost as long as man himself. They are in our stories, plays, movies, TV shows, and movies. But where do they come from?

There are many theories. The most obvious is that it’s all a hoax. In fact some cases are hoaxes, cries for attention, vivid dreams, mistaken identity, illusions, the need to believe or just plain lies.

On theory states that ghosts are “hallucinations accompanied by the paranormal acquisition.” What is considered a normal hallucination is usually seen by the ill, or intoxicated (Drugs or alcohol), but anyone can have a ghostly hallucination. Most of these hallucinations have no effect on the physical world and vice versa. There are also auditory hallucinations. These are heard in the third voice, making them appear to be from an outside source. When sounds are accompanied by object movement, you may have a poltergeist. (The word is literally translated for the German for noisy ghost) This could be unconscious movement caused by a living human.

Another theory is related to ESP. There are four categories of ESP. Mental telepathy allows a person to see into another persons mind. In this case, the image of a ghost could be projected for someone else. Clairvoyants have the ability to see things far away. Precognicants can see images if the future and recognicants can see images of the past.

Others believe that ghosts are souls from the spirit world connected to the living world.

How can we be sure? Call Ghostbusters? Actually, you can. In 1882, the first order of ghost hunters and psychic investigators was formed, in England. They are known as the British Society for Psychical Research. Not long after that, the American society for Psychical research was founded. These are people who determine if something is a hoax or an actual sitting. If you want to make a career out of it, in 1930, Duke University opened the country's first Department of Parapsychology.

So think twice, next time you hear something go bump in the night.

Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause

“Santa Clause is someone who loves you very much.” Nicholas Campagna

That’s what my dad always said, but just where did the legend originate, and how did he manifest into the commercialized icon we know today>

In the 4th century, there were 2 theories: that of the Roman Catholic Church and the Conservative Protestants and that of the religious historians and Folklore experts.

The Roman Catholics and the conservative Protestants believes that Saint Nicholas of Bari lived in Asia Minor and died between 345 and 352 AD. The Catholic Information Network believes he was born in Pantara and later became Bishop of Myra in Lycia (Which is now in Turkey). There are many legends surrounding this saint. As an infant his mother only nursed him on Wednesday and Friday and he fasted the rest of the week. He adored children and often threw them gifts anonymously through their windows, When his father left him a fortune; he used the funds to help poor children. He was also known to bring unfortunate children who died, back to life. One time he grabbed the sword of an executioner to save the life of a political prisoner. He also halted a storm at sea to save three sailors. His actions have mot only made him the patron saint of children and sailors, but also the countries of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and Sicily. During the 11th century when the Muslims invaded Asia minor, St Nicholas’ remains were moved to Bari, Italy. His body has not decomposed and pilgrims to Bari, believe that the sweet odor that exudes from his remains cure medical disorders and illness.

religious historians and folklore experts found no evidence that Nicholas ever walked the earth. They believe his existence was recycled for pagan gods, like many other Christian traditions. They site the Greek god Poseidon, the Roman god Neptune and the Teutonic god, Hold Nickar. Poseidon is the protector of sailors and the name Nicholas could have been derived from Nicktar. The legend of the gift giving is believed to have come from “The Great Mother” or Befana, from Italy. She filled children’s stockings with gifts. Interestingly enough, her shrine in Bari was converted into a shrine for St. Nicholas.

In the 19th century most of Europe held the tradition that Christ Kindlein (the Christ Child) delivered secret gifts to children. He traveled with a dwarf-like figure known as Pelznickel or Belsnickle. From the three combined names we get the modern Santa Clause and Kris Kringle.

The US has a slightly different story. When the Puritans first settled in the colonies, they banned all mention of St. Nicholas, any exchange of gifts, lighting of candles or singing of carols. (What Scrooges!) But by the 17th century, Dutch settlers brought their holiday traditions to New Amsterdam and in 1809, Washington Irving wrote them in the History of New York. But it wasn’t until Clement Clark Moore wrote “the Night Before Christmas” that the details of the legend as we know it today came into being. And yes, it was Coca Cola the first used the image of Santa Claus to sell their products.

So there you have it, I’m just going with what my dad always said: to me, he will always be St. Nick.

Sources: Religious Tolerance, The North Pole

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Ed Note: This was written for the April Fools Issue of the Intergalactic Enquirer. Though based on real research, I don't actually believe the Elvis is alive.

“Elvis isn’t dead, he just went home.” -Agent K Men in Black

This would be true is he considered Buenos Aeries “home. There is much evidence that points to the fact the indeed, Elvis Presley is alive and among us. Just two hours after his alleged death was announced, a man matching, the King’s description paid cash for a plane ticket to Buenos Aeries under the name “John Burrows”. Coincidently, this is a pseudonym which Presley often used. It should also be noted that many of his most prized positions disappeared and were never recovered immediately following his “death.” Also two days he was thought to have gone to the afterlife, Lucy De Babon, a woman he was believed to be having an affair with, received a single long stem rose from El Lancelot, which was her pet name for the King.

But there was a body in the coffin and a funeral, you say…so let’s examine that more closely. At the time of his “death”, Elvis weighed 250 pounds, yet the pall bearers claim the coffin, which was custom made for the funeral the day after he “passed on”, weighed nearly 900 pounds. This supports the wax Elvis theory that states that the body in the coffin was, in fact, made of wax, and the weight of the coffin was from the air conditioning unit installed to prevent the wax figure from melting. The wax artist, though he did do a believable job, left out few details. Elvis was an 8th degree black belt, which caused him to have calluses on his hands, yet the hands of the ‘body” in the coffin were said to be soft and pudgy. The eyebrows were arched and the nose was pugged, unlike that of the king. Not to mention the sideburns, which were falling off and had to be glued back on by a hairdresser.

There are more than a couple of oddities, surrounding the alleged death. Fist of all, his middle name is spelled wrong on his tombstone. His family name, Aron, was spelled with on ”A” yet on the tombstone, it is spelt with two. Also, Elvis was very adamant about being buried next to his mother, yet the coffin was buried between his father and grandmother. The original death certificate stated that he weighed 250 pounds, that disappeared and new one reappeared two months later with his weight at 170 pounds.

So why would Elvis want to fake his own death? There are many theories. One is that he was under the witness protection program resulting from a business deal that went south, which involved a company with mob ties. Elvis was very vain, he was embarrassed by his weight gain and after firing most of his trusted and lifelong staff, and he told a woman named Miss foster he was not going to do his upcoming tour. When she asked if he had canceled it, he said no, he just wasn’t doing it. There is also the old story of being a prisoner of his own fame, and this was a means of escape.

But could he stay away for long? It is believed by some, that pop singer Orion, was actually Elvis’ secret comeback. In 1981, when 20/20 was doing a story on Elvis’ death, Orion disappeared.

So next time you’re in Vegas and you see and Elvis impersonator, ask yourself, “Is this really an impersonator?”

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The Grim Reaper

“Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain…” “Don’t Fear the Reaper”-Blue Oyster Cult

The grim reaper is the personification of death and the taker of souls. He is typically pictured are a cloaked Skeleton holding a scythe. When he appears you know someone will die.

The personification of death has existed since the beginning of storytelling and mythology and is a concept know in every society. He is a frequent image in Medieval Christian art, to remind us not to waist life. Death is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and is a card in the Tarot. He appears in our fiction, movies and TV in various forms.

As death is a fact of life and after life is entwined with our religions, there are stories of the some for of grim reaper in many religions. In the Bible and the Torah, the Angel of Death Passes by the houses of Jewish families and takes the first born of the Egyptians. In Islam, the Angel of Death is called Azreal. The Hindu’s believe that Tama or Yamaraga rides on a black buffalo and lasso’s souls and takes then back to the to his house and he and his followers (Yamadutas)decide where the soul should go in its’ next life. Yanluo in China and Enma (Ruler of the Underworld) in Japan have similar stories. Mexico has its own personification as a skull like character that takes people away when they die.

Our Modern Day figure most likely comes from the Greek Mythological story of Kronos. Kronos was the son of Gaia and Uranus. Uranus feared his children because of a prophecy that he would be killed by his own child. He kept them inside Gaia, but she gave Kronos a sickle and he in turn, castrated and kill Uranus. When he grew up, he feared his children would do the same to him, so he ate them. Kronos was believed to be the god of the harvest because he was pictured with a sickle. Though we can not know when we will die, watch out for the scythe carrying skeletons.
“It’s not so bad being dead like me.” George Lass-Dead Like Me

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Pirate Myths and Facts

Though we don’t generally thin of it, pirates go back 3,000 years, depending on tour definition. The first written mention of pirate, or “perirato” was by Roman historian Polydius in 140BC. In 100AD, a Greek historian defined the word as, “those who attacked without legal authority, not only on ships, but also maritime cities.” This definition has obviously over the years. In fact the Norse raiders of the 9th and 11th centuries were known as Viking could also be considered pirates. In Medieval England, pirates were known as sea thieves. In the Eighteenth Century the first international anti-pirate laws were past, which made them outlaws and anyone could kill them without recourse.

The most well-known definition was a crew that invaded merchant ships and stole all their goods. Though many were seeking riches, they often squandered their pay in taverns as the prepared for their next journey.

There were three types of pirates, Buccaneers, from the French word “Baucan”, which loosely translates to “barbeque”, as these men were originally seen having barbeques in Haiti and the Dominican Republic after hunting pigs and cattle. They were driven out by the Spaniards and spent their lives seeking revenge on all Spanish ships. The second were the Corsair of the Mediterranean who cane from the Barbary Coast of North America. They were authorized by their government to prey on the shipping lanes of their Christian enemies. However, when the lure of riches became a greater appeal, their religion was forgotten. Privateers were a cheep means for governments to fight their enemies. The pirates were given rights to represent kings to attack on their behalf.

From Hollywood we are given the impression that pirates were unruly folk out for themselves. This is not necessarily true. Each ship had rules of conduct clearly laid out as well as the punishment for breaking the rules. If a pirate survived an injury, he was compensated and given light work on board the ship.

There are many myths about pirates, some coming form Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. For one, pirates do not tend to keep pets on board the ship, especially parrots. Pets bring unnecessary complications and are very messy. Pirates did not have true peg legs either. If a pirate e survived an amputation, usually performed by the ship’s cook, they were not given any substitute limb. If they were it was usually a spare piece of board they had on the ship. Another myth, which came from Peter Pan was having hooks for hands. Though hooks could be easily made from extra metal by the black smith it is not likely that this was common practice. Hollywood has also added to the myths, portraying pirates as shooting cannons at their enemies to disable the ships so they could board and steal all the valuables. This is not actually the case. Pirate ships were smaller than most merchant vessels and they would also be outnumbered, so they would usually sneak up on a ship and quickly board, take what they wanted and use some scare tactics as they left.

Today there are still pirates on the seas who raid ships fro their goods, though there are also more familiar pirates, software pirates, who take software and make illegal copies for distribution. In fact you may be a pirate yourself if you have been downloading MP3’s, the reward being some great tunes.
Source:Pirate Info

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Shape Shifters

Shape Shifters (humans who can change their form into another animal, object or a different human), have been common in science fiction with ever medium, from books (like Harry Potter to television (like Deep Space 9’s Odo).They have played a role in history, legend and mythology. Werewolves are the most prominent example of shape shifters, whether they are real or legend. Witches were another group who could allegedly change form, particularly black cats or crows.

In actuality, witches, Shaman, and other tribal leaders are able to do a form of shape shifting on a Meta physical level. They don’t actually change shape, but with their mind, they assume the characteristic of an animal (perhaps one that represents their tribe or totem) so closely and detailed, that they exhibit and act like the animal itself. They obtain a higher level of consciousness in mind and spirit using mediation. It is often described by the shifter as entering into another realm. Some have done mediation exercises so often that they can just shift without thinking about it.

More recently, conspiracy theorists, like David Icke, have speculated that there is a reptilian bloodline of the ruling class and secret societies of the world. In his book Reptilian Agenda, he talks about thirteen bloodline tracing back to Alexander the Great(Allegedly the first blue eyed person in history) are part of the Illuminati, s secret society set out to rule the planet. He claims the members of the Illuminati have been known to shape shift into reptiles. There is evidence written in the “Old Testament”, The Book of Enoch and The Dead Sea Scrolls of watcher or angels, both good and bad, who are super beings and guardians of mankind, Many cultures have worshipped reptilian gods and there are many legends of a super human serpent race. Could this be where the Illuminati come from? Icke also notes that the oldest and most primitive parts of the human brain and reptilian brains are aggression and survival.

In a video entitled Revolutions of the Mother Goddess, Icke interviews Arizona Wilder, who was taken from her family at a young age and raised to carry the Illuminati bloodline. She claims to have seen well know world leader shape shift into reptiles, including George Bush and his two sons, Albright, Kissinger, Reagan, Rockefeller, Ford, Carter, LBJ, members of the British Royal family and Tony Blair. She says it take great concentration for them to keep their human form.

There are many theories on hoe this can happen. In Carl Sagan’s book Dragons of Eden he looks at the similarity of the human and reptilian brain. Perhaps some of us are decedents of reptiles other than apes. Sagan exposed polymer gels to acid or extreme temperature change and found a dramatic shift in shape and size of the molecules. They seem to be at a constant tug of war. Perhaps this is hoe shape shifters turn their molecules inside out then unbind them and reshape themselves.

Other theories are that shape shifters are an alien/human hybrid or entirely alien or perhaps aliens using a human host. Or maybe they are under some sort of spell. We really don’t know, but next time you see a lizard on the side of the road, be sure to say hello, it could be your next door neighbor.

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The Haunted Wild West

From the mid to late 1800’s the untamed western United States Territories were a wild and lawless landmass. As people began seeking new lives in the new territories, there was much violence, thievery, and tragedy. Though we have tamed the wild wets, there are still tales and other remnants remaining from that era.

One of the most prominent legends in Texas was the tale of the headless horseman. Throughout Texas there was a high amount of cattle rustling and horse theft. The first sighting of the Headless Horseman, who became known as El Muerto, translated as the Dead One, was in the 1850’s by two ranch hands. They were cooking dinner over an evening fire when they looked up on a hill and saw a large horse with a man on his back, and the man had no head. They reached for their weapons and both the horse and man were gone. The frightened ranch hands climbed the hill the next day to find only evidence that a horse had been nibbling on grass. As the month went on there were several more sightings through out the Wild Horse Desert to the Rio Grande. Panic spread across Texas as many people who saw El Muerto claimed he was carrying his head under a sombrero tied to the horn of his saddle.
As it turns out this was true. After several years, the truth finally came out. Two Texas Rangers were constant victims of cattle rustling, so they caught their biggest enemy, Vidal, and cut off his head. They then found a wild horse and ties Vidal’s body tightly to the horse and put his head on the sombrero and attached it to the saddle, then let the horse go.

There have been hundreds of ghost sightings throughout the west as well, some with legends behind them. La Llorna, was thought to be only a story told to children to keep them from playing too close to the river. Though in 1957, a boy didn’t heed his friend’s warnings and stayed near the edge of the river after dusk. He saw a ghostly figure of a woman coming form the water and reaching out to him crying, “Mis ninos, Mis ninos.: She grabbed his wrist and began to pull him into the water with her, but just then, the church bell began to ring. With each clang of the bell her grip slowly loosened and by the last clang her hand slipped off the boy and she melted back into the water, though she left a red mark on the boy’s wrist. So who was this woman? As legend would have it, three centuries earlier, on the Mexican border, Maria Gonzales searched for a husband. She married a handsome nobleman, but he was also and gambler and was often unfaithful. After having two children, she began to lose her mind. One day she caught him with another woman, and she ran off with the children. In a fit of blind rage, she threw them over a cliff into the river where they both drown. When she realized what she had done, she fell on her knees and cried. She spent the next few months living wild in the woods until her madness drover her to throw herself over the same cliff she had thrown her children from. It was two days later La Llorna was first seen crying, “Mis Ninos, mis ninos, “, “My children, my children.” Of course in her dementia, she had forgotten what her own children looked like, so she would grab any child, thinking it was her own.

There is no more tragic story in the history of the west, than the Donner party. In 1846 the Donner party set out from Minnesota seeking the fertile soil of California. After three weeks of delays, the party decided to take a shortcut over the Sierra Nevadas, ignoring a note left by a previous traveler to turn back. An early winter storm proved tragic for the settlers. They reached a point where they were unable to get the cattle, wagons and their belongings over and icy and snow covered path. They sent scouts over to get help from a fort they believed to be on the other side of the ridge. When the scouts arrived at the fort, they found it abandoned and continued on. By the time they found civilization, it was too late to turn back. The rest of the party set up camp and built a cabin to protect them against the harsh weather. As the snow built up and no help came, small parties ventured over the past. Those who remained ran out of food and as their companions began to die, they resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. When the snow melted a little more than half of the original party made it to California. Today some people claim to see the spirits of the ill fated party.
One female historian was visiting the area and as she approached she felt as if she was going to see some one she had not seen in a long time. She stopped at a rest area that looked up on Donner Pass and couldn’t shake the strange feeling. She visited the Donner Museum to see some artifacts of the area, and she felt drawn to the tragic story. She want up to the site were it is believed the party built their cabins. It is now a picnic area, but when she arrived, no one was there. Her feelings were getting stronger and it was there that she saw an apparition of a woman. She was unable to get photographs, however as she left the area the normally rational woman began to cry for no reason. The further she got away from the area, the better she felt.
In February of 1993, Greg Bernado was skiing and got lost in the fog. He was found four days later and told the story of a woman, whom he met the second day that led him to a cabin in the woods and introduced him to her friends. The following day they asked hi if he would carve a path alongside the river for them, he did so and when he returned, he found no cabin and no evidence that any humans had been there. When he described where this occurred, it was determined that it was the site of the Donner cabins.

Another western legend is ghost towns. Though the term implies that are haunted, most are not. It refers to that were once sprawling communities and were later abandoned or nearly abandoned, there are a few, however, that are plagued with spirits of the dead. Bodie, California is one such town. Located near the Nevada border and southeast of Bridgeport, in the 1870;’s Bodie was known as “the wildest town the Wild West had ever seen.” It was established in 1859 and two years later there were no less than 70 saloons frequented by 10,000 citizens. Though now mostly abandoned, Bodie still has some of its old community members. The Angel of Bodie is the spirit of a little girl who has been seen floating around the graveyard. In the same graveyard at 4pm a woman in a white dress floats out of a grave to knit. The ghost of his maid haunts JS Cain’s house. It was said she killed herself after being fired by Cain. Children find her spirit benevolent, but adults find her frightening. There is also a music box heard in the house, though there is not one inside the house. In the hotel bar, a man can be seen having a beer and the sound of pool being played can be heard, though the pool tables are empty. In the abandoned Mendocini house, distant conversations can be heard along with the sound of children playing on the lawn and garlic and other Italian foods can be smelt from the kitchen. Conversations can be heard under a street lamp in front of the Seiler House and a woman’s voice can be heard in the Dachambeau house. Bodie is surrounded by thirty abandoned gold mines. In the early 1900’s a mule was injured in the Standard Mine. When he was brought up from the 500 foot shaft, his injuries were determined to be too bad for the animal to live, so he was killed. Six months later, sounds of clanging chains of the beast of burden could be heard in the depths of the mine and miners claimed to feel the mule’s presence. Lent Shaft goes vertically down 1200 feet. One day three men were throwing rocks down the shaft until they heard a distinct voice yelling “hey you!” They ran away.

Tombstone, Arizona, though not a ghost town, it was the sight of the bloody shoot out at the O.K. Corral. Many photographs have been taken where strange light and figures that were not there when it was taken appear when the film is developed. Though admittedly is cold be a trick of light or a lens, the photos are interesting to look at. They were taken at the grave markers of Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury and Johnathan Heath, who was taken to the county jail and lynched by the Brisbee mob. Other places where strange photographs were taken are Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, which was once a grand hotel frequented by Wyatt and Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday, the Clantons, and the McLaury’s, the Birdcage theater, the Crystal Palace Saloon, and on Allan Street. Are these photos real or not? You decide by going to Clanton Gang. There is, however one story of interest. When Big Nose Kate’s Saloon was in its hay day, the janitor, known only as the Swamper, lived in a bedroom in the basement. He mostly kept to himself, but he was not an unfriendly fellow. He did have a secret passion for silver. So from his basement quarters he dug a tunnel which led under most of the city and let to a silver mine shaft. His silver was never found, but after he passed a miner claimed to see his ghost guarding the silver.

These stories are only the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty more and I’m sure you could by a box of books on that subject alone. Whether you believe or want to believe, that is up to you.

Sources The Outlaws, Ghost stories of California by Barbara Smith, and Clanton Gang

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Psychic detectives

The other day I caught a bit of The Dead Zone. A reporter was giving Johnny a hard time, sort of like Tru in Tru Calling. Putting yourself in the place of these characters who are trying to help, it’s easy to see what a difficult position they are in. They see a crime before it has happened, if they go to the police they will most likely become a suspect, but as they keep doing the work them selves, reporters begin seeing their names repeatedly. Of course this is just on TV. But there are real psychics who have helped police solve crimes when the police have no place else to go, but it is not as common as the media might make you think.

Why is this? There are a lot of skeptics out there, who are hesitant to believe in something other than real science to solve a crime. They have good reason. Many psychics tent to exaggerate their success rate. They have been bale to obtain information by ordinary means (like bribery) and they often speak in generalities, which can be interpreted in different ways, but once the crime is solved, they take credit for it.

For those who actually are able to help the police with their gift, it is never an exact science as there has never been any research done on the subject. Therefore, their evidence is not admissible in court, nor can it be used to obtain a search warrant. They can, however, point the investigators in the right direction. Because of this, known psychic investigators are brought in only when the police are at a dead end, with no evidence or witnesses. Sometimes it is desperate families who bring them in.

Different investigators work in different ways. Some can get information just by talking over the phone. Some hold an object, like a photograph or something that belonged to the victim and catch on to their signature energy. Then thy may feel the emotions of the victims or see images. I can be a very intense experience for the psychic.

So, in a rare amount of cases, psychic investigators are able to help. And for a family searching for a lost loved one, they may be their best hope.

Sources: CNN, Psychic Vista, CSICOP

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Secret Societies

“Our necessary and plausible denial is intact.” Cigarette Smoking Man The X-Files

The most difficult thing about researching secret societies is that if there was information about them, they wouldn’t be secret. With some societies it’s their agenda that is secret; in others it is there method of achieving their goals that is secret.

The more recently discovered secret societies have been determined to have prominent members including many past presidents from both parties and other prominent figures. Bill Clinton was known to be a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers.

David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission in the 2970’s with headquartered in New York and Paris. They are funded by tax exempt foundations and their goal is to guide public policy.

The Council on Foreign Relations or the CFR, is a center for the study of foreign affairs. They have established a website the looks propaganda galore!

The Bilderbergers basically want to bring about “The New World Order.” Sound familiar? All three have members in high positions around the world.

Of course there may be other organizations we don’t even know about, as Kyrcek (The X-Files) once said, “These people are above the law, they only fear exposure.” A group like the Consortium on The X-Files could be behind the Roswell cover up, the Kennedy assassination and even the Buffalo Bills never winning a Super Bowl. (OK, the Super Bowl thing might be taking it a bit far, but who really knows?) There is a theory that connects the Roswell cover up to the Kennedy assassination. When JFK decided he wanted to put a man on the moon, he requested all the information the government had on outer space. Theorist believe that the President dug up too much information and found out about the cover up and that he was assassinated to keep his mouth shut about what he had uncovered.

There are other similar organizations working to gain and control power, such as secret fraternities like Yale University’s Skull and Bones, which was brought over from Germany in 1832, originally to protect the advancement of the genetic line. George Bush is a known member. There are also groups like the Free masons and the Elks who may or may not have an agenda.

The most fascinating and seemingly most dominant organization is the Illuminati. If you saw the film Tomb Raider you may be familiar with the name. In fact their goal is exactly as it is portrayed in the film, global domination. The Illuminati was founded in 1779 and they used any means necessary from assassinations, to bribery, blackmail, to starting revolutions, and espionage to control the banks and the world’s finances. Their most infamous achievements are the French Revolution, the Reign of Terror and the Russian Revolution.

So there you have it, enough information to keep the Lone Gunmen busy for a while. And who knows, maybe U.N.I.T. really is out there protecting us too. Sources: Ruled By Secrecy by Jim Mars, UFO’s, JFK and Elvis by Richard Belzer, The Illuminati

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Stonehenge and Other Stone Circles

“Stonehenge, where the demons dwell and the banshees live and they do live well.” Spinal Tap

There are many stone circles across the UK, but none so impressive or as famous as Stonehenge, found on the Salsbury Plain, two miles west of Amesbury, Wiltshire in Southern Englnad. The immense structure of earth, stone and timber is estimated to be about 5,000 years old and built over the period of 1400 years in three phases.

Phase one occurred between 2050 and 2900 BCE. At this time , a ditch 330 feet in diameter and 56 Aubrey holes believed to hold wooden posts. Phase two occurred between 2900 and 2400 BCE. At that time the Aubrey holes were filled, some with cremation deposits and postholes for timber were created at the center and northeast entrances. Phase three occurred between 2550 and 1600 BCE. This is when the large stone structures were added.

There are many mysteries surrounding the circles. Who built it, why and how?

The top part of the structure is held together by ball and socket joints as technology still uses to day, but very advanced for the people at the time in which it was built. The shape of the stones is also very advanced for the time period. Interestingly enough, there is not the expected erosion of a structure of this age. The stones were brought from a great distance at the time before the invention of the wheel, using only rope and wooded levers. Some of the stones came from Marlborobow, 30 KM north of the Salsbury Plain. The blue stones, which weigh 4 tons, are believed to have been brought from the Preseli Mountians in South Wales, 385 KM from their present location.

So why go to all the trouble? One explaination is that it was used as a device to observe the heavens. The stones are aligned in such a way, that they cast a special light at the solsitaces and exinoxes. (Sort of an astronomical calendar) They can predict eclipses and track heavenly bodies across the sky. Another theory is that they were used for human sacrifices. There was an alter at the center The Druids used Stonehenge as a place of worship; however, they came along 2000 years after the completeion of the structure. Archaeologists have found over 400 burial mounds, many with gold breast plates, so it could have been used as a sacred burial ground for soldiers. There are other theories too. One is that it is a gateway to where the original stones came from. Another is that Merlin built it for slain soldiers. Yet another legend is that the devil bought the stones from a witch in Ireland and brought them to a village in England and challenged the villagers to count the stones. A friar in the village told the devil it was impossible so the devil threw the stones at the friar and that’s how they landed.

So how did they build a massive structure? We’ve already eliminated the Druids, though it could have been the Greeks, the Egyptians (Like the pyramids) the Phoenicians, the Atlantians ro aliens, but then agian if an entire bog roll gets used in one day, that could be aliens too. One of the best theories is that the first phase was built by the Neolithic people, the second by the Beaker people (named for the beaker shaped cups they drank from.); the third may have been the Wessy people who have close ties to the French. There were mant carvings of daggers on the rocks, which are French based tools.

Of course there are many other similar structures the world over. We may never know the truth, but these structures are still a wonder and a beauty to observe.
Mystical Places, Earth Mysteries

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Vampires-History, Legend and Pop Culture

Scully: “Well it’s not a vampire.”
Mulder: “Why not?”
Scully: “Because they don’t exist.” The X-Files

Vampire folklore has existed since the dawn of time form India to Mexico to China and most prominently in Easter Europe. The most common aspects of all vampire mythology, from ancient history to the present day are the consuming of blood, coming out at night and rising out of the grave. Blood has been used in many religious rituals, as it is regarded as the essence of life, from Native Americans to Ancient Greeks to the Christian doctrine. Similarly the idea of eternal life can be found in most cultures and religions.

Some precursors to vampires are perhaps leaches and vampire bats. Both are known as blood suckers, but actually the saliva of the vampire bat contains a chemical that can eventually render the victim unconscious.

There have actually been documented cases of what is believed to be vampirism. In 1725 the body of Peter Palgojowoitz was exhumed by a Germany military official stationed in Kisilova; after the locals claimed to have seen the man stalking the village at night, though he had been dead for at least three months. When his body was dug up it had not decomposed at all, his skin, nails and hair were still growing, there was no odor and there was fresh blood in his mouth. When a wooden stake was put through his heart, fresh blood came pouring out, so they burned the body.

In the case of Arnold Paole, he had fallen off a cart five years before in Turkey, but when villagers complained of a vampire; his body was dug up and found undecayed.

These cases can be explained by the soil that the bodies were buried in, but that was never researched. Premature burials were not uncommon and could be another explanation for rising from the grave. The Black Death was also known as vampiric rabies. Recent studies show that some people suffer from porphytia, which is extreme sensitivity to light.

Vampires were believed to be possessed by a demonic condition or the opposite of a saint.

The first appearance of vampires in fiction was a Russian story about the wicked prince Vpir Lichy in 1047, however the most commonly known vampire story is Bram Stoker’s Dracula written in 1897 and based on the life of Vlad Tepes born in 1428. He was better known as Vlad the Impaler from Romania. Most modern day vampire stories have borrowed something from Stokers story.

All fictitious vampires drink blood, but the commonality does not go much beyond that. Most vampires come out at night, and can only be killed by decapitation or a stake through the heart. Some sleep in coffins with their own soil, most have fangs, though the vampires in the film The Hunger, for example, killed using a sharp talisman worn around the neck. Some fly, some have no reflection, some have an aversion to garlic as well as religious symbols. Nick Knight on the TV Series Forever Knight explained that the cross as well as the menorah and even the symbol for Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun, represents the ultimate light and vampires live in ultimate darkness.

Where do vampires come from? That depends on what you are reading or watching. In the Doctor Who episode “Curse of Fenric”, the vampires were believed to have roamed the earth before man; perhaps they were not from earth. Others, such as Anne Rice credit their creation to an ancient curse.

Currently the trend in vampire fiction id the sympathetic vampire, who is not all that bad, such as the family in Elian Bergstom’s novels, Anne Rice’s Vampires, Chelsea Quinn Yarbros; St. Germaine, PN Elrod’s vampire detective Jack Fleming, Forever Knight’s Nick Knight and of course Spike and Angel.

There is also a gothic subculture, with a fascination with death, who believes in drinking blood of life and worshiping vampires.

Vampires have been around since before you were born and they probably will still be here long after you are gone, son in a sense, that would make them truly immortal.
Vampire History, Dagonbytes, Dracula and Vampires, The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead by J. Gordon Melton

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Men in Black

Scully: “He looked like Alex Trebek.”
Jose Chung: “Alex Trebek, the game show host?” The X-Files

“The real men in black aren’t hunting aliens-they’re hunting for hapless schmoes who are unlucky enough to have a glowing cigar shaped airship pull into the parking space next to theirs at the Piggly Wiggly.” Richard Belzer

Though there are many theories and stories about the real MiB, there is one consistency among the appearances and alleged appearances; they always show up just after an extraterrestrial encounter and attempt to persuade the witness not so share their experience-sometimes going so far as making threats of deadly force. They may contact the witness via phone of surprise visit. They also remove all evidence of the sightings or encounter. These visits have occurred around the world.

The descriptions vary, but they are not unsimilar, and they do not look like Alex Trabek (the game show host), Jessie Ventura, Will Smith, or Tommy Lee Jones. They do, however, travel in groups of two or three, drive dark colored classic cars and wear dark sunglasses. Some witnesses claim that are telepathic, sensitive to light, speak only on the matter at hand (warnings and such), and disappear when chased. Other reports sat they speak in tiny electronic sounding voices or machine like monotones. When they take off their sunglasses, some have seen slanted eyes that bulge like ping pong balls while others say they have eyes like flashbulbs. They also seem to have problems with or are fascinated by ordinary earthly devices such as ball point pens and forks. The most variant description is that of their skin. Some say it is white and hairless, or it could even be a mask, some say they have a pasty and strange coloration that looks waxy and unreal. They even have been described as looking dead. All agree their appearance is unnerving.

Some have not taken the threats as seriously as other, as they have written entire books on the subject of their encounters. Timothy Buckley, in his book UFO Silencers believes that the MiB mat have been around hundreds of years only under different names but with similar intents. The first recorded appearance of the MiB as we know them toady was by Harold Dahl in 1947. He claimed a flying donut shaped object fell out of the sky and hit his dog in the head. The following morning he was visited by a man in a black suit driving a 1947 Buick sedan, the man told him to keep silent. After the visit, the photographs come back foggy and the B-52 carrying the samples of the object crashed. With no real evidence, Dahl’s story came under fire and was declared a hoax.

In 1953, Albert bender, editor of the UFO publication Space Review and director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau claimed he found evidence that we were not alone on Earth. He was visited by three men in black suits who told him not to publish his story. He retired shortly after that. When the other writers were threatened, the paper folded. Much later, Bender published a book about his experience, which he described the Men in Black in more detail; claiming that they were from Kazik and that they had taken him to their spaceship in Antarctica.

Men from Kazik are just one of the theories of who the MiB’s are and what they are doing here. If they are from Kazik, are they trying to cover up their real purpose here on Earth or do they work for the government? They seem well informed, but the government denies all claims to any association with a MiB organization. Of course, they still could be humans working for a very secret government or biosynthetic ore are holo images created by either the government or an alien race. Perhaps they are disinformation officers or intelligence officers doing psychological experiments on control techniques. They could be another creation, born of the paranoia of sightings and abductions or a hoax because the public likes a good story.

The most fascinating story I’ve read is that of the Horlocks; a reptilian raceEye of Horus from the Great White Lodge on Sirius or Shamball in the Orion Galaxy. The Eye of Horus is associated with secret societies and the MiB have been reported to be seen wearing the symbol. The secret society associated with the eye is based out of the Great White Lodge. Morris Doreal founded The Brotherhood of the White temple and claimed the entrance was far underground in the Himalayas and that space bends around Shaballa to create a gateway to another universe. The religion is devoted to the advancement on metaphysical and occult knowledge. In his book The Undiscovered Country, Stephen Jenkins claims that a Buddhist priest told him that Shamballa was in the Orion Constellation and that the MiB are emissaries of Shamballa

The MiB have found their way into pop culture, though comic books, television and film. But if I get in trouble for writing this, I hope they don’t flashy thing me.
Monsterous, Yspi Toys, MIBS, UFO’s, JFK and Elvis by Richard Belzer

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Voodoo, much like other pre Christian polytheistic religions, has been given a bad reputation by Europeans and others trying to promote their own religions.

Voodoo is a derivative of some of the world’s oldest known religions, which were based in Africa. The conservative estimate e is 10,000 years old. When slaves were brought over to the new world from Africa, they had all their cultures and beliefs. These beliefs melded together and formed the new religion with a common thread. The Voodoo we know toady originated in Haiti during the European colonization.

The word “Voodoo” has multiple derivatives, all appropriate to the common beliefs of its followers. The West African word for “Spirit” is “vudun”. Another phrase that applies is “view you”, which characterizes the belief that we are mirrors of each other’s souls. There is also the French, “vous deux” which translates to “you two”.

All of these translations work with the belief that there are no accidents in the universe, and nothing has a life of its own, what affects one person or event will affect another because the universe is all connected as one. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Do unto others as you would have done to you, “as you are doing to others, you are doing to yourself.

Practitioners of Voodoo believe that “God is manifested through the spirit of ancestors who can bring good and harm. They are honored in sacred ceremonies of the cycle between the living and the dead. The rituals may include prayer, drumming, dancing (believed to be an expression of the spirituality and connection with divinity and the spirit world), singing and animal sacrifice.

The serpent is an important figure in Voodoo. He gathers all those who share the faith, and the high priest or priestess are vehicles of the expressions of the serpent.

The supreme deity is known as Bon Dieu, though there are also spirits who control things of nature; the best known spirit is Loa, the spirit of nature, health, wealth and happiness. He can posses the faithful and relay advice warnings and desires.

Voodoo is a practical religion and important in the family and community. It has given believers knowledge of herbs and medicines as well as healing through prayer.

Because of the negative rumors spread about the religion, it was outlawed in many areas and even punishable by death, so it was practiced in secret. In Haiti the priest adopted elements of Christianity, allowing it to survive. They learned to play the political game and in 1805 the Haitians won their independence giving them the freedom to worship as they wanted.

Many television programs and films have perpetuated the negative rumors of the religion, which, when practiced in its true form, is a very spiritual experience for those who follow it.

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The Jersey Devil


The Jersey Devil a flying devil creature with glowing eyes that has been spotted over the pinelands of New Jersey as well as the surrounding areas. There have been over 2000 witnesses, but no one has ever been able to identify the creature. It could be a crane, though it seems to be too big. It could be a crowfoot, but it seems too small. It has also been theorized to be a prehistoric animal from the Jurassic period, like a Pterodactyl, which survived underground, but there is nothing in the prehistoric record of such a creature. It could also be a deformed child with a really long life span or maybe something super natural as it is immune to cannon balls, bullets, and electrical explosions. Though none of these are definitive answers, very few sightings have been proven hoaxes.

There are as many stories of the creature’s origins as theories about what he might be. Most of them originate in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The first story is of one Mrs. Shrouds of Leeds Point, who wished for a child. When the child was born, it was deformed, and when it flapped its arms they turned into wings and it flew up the chimney. Another story is that a young girl fell in love with a British soldier during the Revolutionary war and the town placed a curse on her, which caused her to give birth to a devil. Another story out of the area is that Mrs. Leeds was pregnant for 13 months and shouted, “I hope it’s the devil!”

There have been many sightings through the years. Between 1840 –’41 sheep and chicken were reported to be killed by a creature with strange foot prints, which lets out a primal scream. From 1859-’94 it was said a creature carried off anything that moved.

From January 16 to 23 1909, over 1000 people from New York to Philadelphia reported seeing a creature with glowing eyes in the sky. On January 19 at 2:30 am, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Evans of Gloucester heard a noise, and described what they saw as 3 feet high with the head of a collie a, face of a horse, long neck, two foot wing span, back legs of a crane with horse hooves for feet. A hunter saw something flying in the sky and chased it for 20 miles. Two days later The Black Hawk Social Club in Clementon saw the same thing flying overhead. After 1909, the number of sightings went down, but that could be because people didn’t want to seem crazy.

In 1927 in Salem, a cab driver stopped to fix his car. He reported that a creature landed on the roof of his cab, stood up right and shook the car. In 1061 two couples were ‘parking’ in Pine Barrens and had their roof smashed in by a flying creature. In 1951 in Gibbsboro the creature was reported to have been seen by many people. In 1966 there were many animals reported to be killed.

No one really knows what it is, but we know it can travel a long distance in a short period of time.
Jersey Devil

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The Los Angeles River Monster

This was written for our April fool's issue, though I made it up, it is based on research of other lake monsters and the LA River.

Mulder: “A prehistoric animal living in a lake is not without precedence. Last August they pulled a bull shark from Lake Onaga in Massachusetts.”
Farraday: “An anomaly, which proves nothing. It only serves as fodder for pseudo-scientist with nothing better to do than chase fairy tales.” The x-Files

Though Mulder is correct that freshwater monsters are not without precedence, there are many skeptics, like Faraday, because little is known about them. The LA River Monster, affectionately known as Larm, is one example. The first sighting of Larm was by Carlos Linirez, a Los Angeles County worker, in 1938 when there was a massive mudslide destroying part of the river. Linirez claims to have seen a large creature 39 feet long with a snake like neck and face, large humped body and a pointed tail, with fin appendages on either side of its body. Linirez said “it moved through the mud like a seal. I think it was trying to get to a place with more water as the mudslide had disturbed its habitat.” There have been at least 40 reported sightings since them, which most commonly occur in one of three spots. The first is where the river reaches Los Feliz and Griffith Park, where the concrete is broken and there is mostly sand and gravel. The second is Arroyo Secio in Pasadena where the water drains from the south west San Gabriel Mountains, and the third is Rio Honda, where two river converge into the LA River. The bottom is covered with clay, silt and sand and the water is very deep here. There have also been sightings along the 52 miles of river which runs from the Western hills of the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach.

Like its counterparts such as the infamous Nessie-the monster of Loch Ness, Champ, the monster of Lake Champlain in Vermont, and Bessie who resides on the south bay of Lake Erie, little is known about Larmy, but there are a lot of theories. Though Larm is similar in appearance to his counter parts, they live in deep cold fresh water lakes, where as Larm lives in a river that is partly man made and shallow in many places. There has been one other river monster that has been sighted by fishermen on the Althamah River in Georgia. He was described as having two humps, a snake like head and gaping red mouth with horns on his head. He is believed to be a cold blooded reptile and based of Althamah’s depiction he is probably not related to our LA friend.

The descriptions of Larm have been more like those of the lake creatures. Some believe that they are descendents of prehistoric aquatic dinosaurs such as the tanystapheus or the plesiosaur. Of course there are those who believe Larm is an amphibian that came down from the mountains when the drainage system was created. The Society for the Protection and study for the Los Angeles River Linirez (named for the first human who sighted the creature) does not agree with the term ‘monster’ as they believe it to be harmless to humans, though it may be carnivorous. In their studies they believe that there may be many Linirez and they spawn in the silt at Rio Hondo and go out to the deep ocean when it comes time to dies. This would explain why no bodies have ever been found and the fact that they it has been around for so long.

There have also been some fanatics, who may have been reading too many comic books, who believe that the Larm mutated from the toads of Frog Town, due to the polluted water being dumped in the river from the water treatment plant at the Sepulveda Basin. The water is still dumped from the treatment plant today and though it is not drinkable, it is no longer the health hazard that it was when they began pouring 25 million gallons of reclaimed water into the river.

Speaking of Frog Town, it was named so, because of all the toads that used to inhabit the area, but are gone now. It is believed that the poorly treated water killed them…or could Larm himself have eaten them?

So after a big storm, keep your eyes on the river, you never know what you might see.
Society for the Protection of the LA River Linirez, Lake Monsters, River Web

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