Drow Dictonary

The Drow "dictionary" is a collection of information compiled by members of the Temple of Lloth of the Drow city of Rilauven near Neverwinter. This compiled information contains much of the drow language as well as some miscellaneous information.

Bregan D'Aerth

The following individuals are responsible for the content of this document

A'quarthus a'lil Mzilst Malla Nedylene, Valsharess d'lil Ilythiiri d'Rilauven
{Commissioned by the Most Honored Nedylene, Queen of the Drow of Rilauven}

Xundus a'lil Ulathtallar d'Arach-Tinilith, Larenil
{Completed by the Arch Priestess of Arach-Tinilith, Larenil}

Bel'laus wun zha'linth d'lil Malla Ilharess, Innelda Isher Lylyl
{Dedicated in memory of the Honored Matron, Innelda Isher Lylyl}

Xuil mzil fielthalen dal Karlin Mott, Wanre d'Sorcere
{With many contributions from Karlin Mott, Apprentice of Sorcere}

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