Weird Al Yankovic....

It's hard to define Al's appeal. Maybe it's the bedroom eyes hidden behind the sexy shades. Or maybe it's the boyish grin emerging from under the debonair mustache. Or maybe it's that head of curly hair that just begs to be touched. Or maybe it's the high fashion clothes that beg to be torn off...

Al's mysterious appeal spans generations. At any given concert, you'll find women swooning while Al croons tender love songs, teens dancing in the aisles, and youngsters singing along with "Yoda."

Backed by a talented band, Al does double duty, playing lead accordion and singing vocals. Together, they have mastered every style of music imaginable, from pop to alternative. And they even throw in a country tune or two.

Yes, whether paying homage to Kurt Cobain, or playing hot licks on the accordian, Weird Al Yankovic is undoubtedly The Sexiest Man Alive!

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