two dogs

On May 18, 1998 I took Jesse (the red husky) for his last visit to the vet. He was somewhere around 17, and old age plus the heat had really gotten to him. Jesse had a very good ride to the vet - I put him in the back seat and propped his head up on a pillow, and I cranked the air conditioner up; he went to sleep and looked very peaceful. Of course, he was not pleased to find himself at the vet's, but they gave him a sedative before they gave him his final shot. We buried him in the back yard.

This is me and my cat Odo. Odo was one of the kittens a local shelter was finding homes for at PetSmart. Like I really needed another cat...

Odo brought the number up to six.

Me and my youngest son holding Babe as a puppy

...and Babe all grown up.

Mighty Hunters

Little Kitty (who quickly outgrew his name) is supposed to be an indoor cat, but he occasionally gets out and kills something. The Siamese once killed a mouse in the house, but we found the mouse hole and fixed it, so he has to relive his former glory by killing stuffed toys. Of course, what all cats do best is sleep.

Former mighter hunter, now retired - full time porch cat Sandy (short for Sandinista).

Junkyard Dogs

Or why dogs should not be allowed to breed indiscriminately. Both Max (the brown one) and Sisko (the black blob in front) I rescued from being neglected neighborhood dogs. Same old story... kid gets puppy, puppy grows up, isn't so cute anymore, so dog runs the street all the time. Max almost got picked up by the pound for chasing kids on bikes before I spoke up and took him in. He got fixed, is in a fenced yard, and is a perfectly good pet.

Our most recent addition is another typical story. I found a young dog sleeping in my yard one day, and since she had a collar, I put her on a leash and walked her around the neighborhood looking for her owner. I found someone who identified her as belonging to a guy who had just moved. So, she's in the back yard now with everyone else, and seems perfectly happy. She has been to the vet for shots and has been "fixed." I I decided to name her Dana because she is attractive and is strawberry blond in color. (Which has led me to utter phrases which we hope never to hear on X-Files, such as "Get off of me, Dana.") As Jesse was still alive when we acquired Dana, for several months we had 9 dogs.

Why do I have 8 dogs and 6 cats?

Because so many people are irresponsible pet owners. Because so many people don't get their pets neutered and spayed. Because I care. Because I'm a glutton for punishment.

Be a responsible pet owner. Spay and neuter your pets - There are many benefits to spaying and neutering.

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