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Yes, they should.

Will they, won't they? The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. It's getting to the point where I find it distracting. Get it over with, and go back to the main point of the show. Which is... uh... I forgot. Oh yeah, government conspiracies, aliens, what really happened to Mulder's sister, monsters, myths, the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night. Anyway, once Scully and Mulder have done the wild thing, we'll still have the dynamic tension between the two characters as they try to balance being friends, lovers, and partners. AND, we can really get some good one-liners out of both of them.

As season four came to an end, I thought, geez, a season finale with one of them either near death or likely to be killed is getting to be a cliche. My theory was right of course: Mulder, with Scully's help, faked his death to throw off the bad guys. And then, thankfully the cancer plot line was finally resolved - and we were back in business! Weird, wacky, and lots of fun! But how would season five end? Perhaps with both of them in mortal danger? No, Chris Carter had an even better idea. I have to admit, the season finale was a shocker.

I doubt that Chris Carter has ever really considered killing either character off. If such a tragedy should occur, I will personnally cut Chris Carter up into little pieces and feed him to all of the under appreciated minor characters who have appeared through the years that help make the show what it is - namely, the cockroaches, the alligator, the really big snake, the bees, the rats, and last but not least, the maggots. Remember, there are no small parts, only small actors.

So, is the truth out there? Just who are the mothmen, anyway? Is the "Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati" really filed under C? Just how many kids DOES Cigarette Man have out there anyway? (He's been a busy fella!) But does anyone really care? All that REALLY matters is: when Scully was in the hospital, Mulder kissed her on the cheek. And then he fell asleep in her arms in the woods. (All together now, awwwww!!!!! They were so cute!) And THEN - they danced a slow dance together - in black and white. Almost as sexy as certain scenes from "Casablanca." As season five rolled to an end, the sexual tension got so hot I thought my TV was going to melt. What's next? Well, SEE THE MOVIE!!!! And watch out for those bees...

You think I'm the only one passionate about this passion thing? Hey, there's even a name for people like us: Relationshipper.

You want to meet other RELATIONSHIPPERS?

Ok, ok. I have to admit that some people think THEY SHOULDN'T.

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