This Side of the Bennett Family Tree

A Genealogy of Bennett's From James (???- 1659) To the Children of Nathan (1725-1792)

I've been flipping through a copy of some geneology work that a distant relative did concerning my family line and I thought it helpful to post that information here. The research is well done but I highly suggest reinforcing this information with the use of recognized authoritative sources. In no way is the information to be considered a primary source. This posting simply serves to answer the many family tree related questions that I have fielded. If, in your research, you find substantially supported information concerning anyone mentioned on this page please forward it to

Please enjoy the reading!


The line I am about to write out is drawn from One James Bennett (b.???? -1659) as directly as possible to one Ferris Bennett (1801 - 1890)


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[No personally known record prior to James]
JAMES BENNETT  (b.????  - 1659) - Concord, Massachusetts (1638-1644) -> Fairfield, Connecticut (1644-1659)

Children of James and Hannah Wheeler Bennett (First two recorded at Concord)

 A.  Hannah  b.  June 1, 1640  d. @ Fairfield, Oct 29, 1650.  ---  
 B.  Thomas  b.  Oct 16, 1642  d. @ Fairfield, 1704.  M - Elizabeth Thompson  
 C.  James  b. ~1645  d. @ Stratford, Oct., 1736 M [1] A daughter of Walter Joy
M [2] After 1683, Mary Osburn Booth b. @ New Haven 3/29/1653
M [3] Rebecca _____.
   D.  John  b. ~1648  d. (-??-) M - Mary Thompson, Sister of the wife of his brother Thomas.
  Moved to Cohansey, N.J. in 1669/1670
   E.  Mary  b.  Jan,20,1651/2  d. between 1654 and 1659  -  
   F.  Sarah  b. ~ 1654  d. 1726 @ (Fairfield?)  M - Captain John Osborn, Son of Captain Richard Osborn.
    John Osborn d. July 15, 1709.
   G.  Hannah  b. ~ 1656  d. 1713 Probably M - Lieutenant Nathaniel Seeley  b.~1650  


THOMAS BENNETT, son of James.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Thompson Bennett

  A.  Thomas

b. ~1665 @ Fairfield 

d. --

M  Sarah Hubbard, daughter of William Hubbard of Greenwich. 

   B.  John b. by 1670 d. 1713 M  Phoebe  _____ who M a second time by the end of 1713.
   C.  Elizabeth b. ~1672 d. @ West Point, 12/4/1775 M  Henery Hendrick who died in 1741.
   D.  James b. Aug 6, 1675 d. @ Ridgefield July 27, 1725 M  Deborah Adams who died after 1748.
   E.  Hannah b. Aug 20, 1680 d. @ Wilton,Conn. June 5,1753 M  Samuel Stewart b. @ Norwalk, Conn. May 1678.
   F.  Peter  b. After 1684 d. -- Settled in New Fairfield where he was still iving in 1750.
M Elizabeth Rowland, Baptized March 10, 1694/5. Daughter of Isreal and Elizabeth Turney Rowland.

THOMAS BENNETT, Son of Thomas. --- [Thomas Bennett Jr.]

Children of Thomas and Sarah Hubbard Bennett

   A.  Deliverance  b.  Dec 25, 1688  d. April 18, 1761 @ Westport M - March 5, 1708 Mary Bigg who was born ~1688
  B.  Sarah  b. ~1691  d. --  Probably M William Jenkins of Norwalk.
   C.  Thomas  b. ~1693  June 5, 1781 in 88th year. M  [1]  Mary Rowland
M  [2]  Mercy Schofield or Scovill.
   D.  Tabitha  b. ~1695  d. --  M  Daniel Sherwood who D 1715.
   E.  Martha Baptized Nov 5, 1699  d. ---  Probably M Ebenezer Allen.
   F.  Mary  b.  --  d. --  M Sept 3, 1728 to Jonathan Cable
   G.  Ruth Baptized Mar 17, 1705/06  d. --  --
   H.  Ebenezer Baptized June 26, 1709 d. --  - Settled in Wilton, Conn. M Jemima __________

Thomas Bennett III was born about 1693 and baptized at the Fairfield Church March 31, 1695.
Like most members of this branch of the Bennett family,  Thomas III lived at Greens Farms in Fairfield.

Children of Thomas and Mary Rowland Bennett, recorded at Fairfield.

   A.  Tabitha  b. April 1718  d. --  
   B.  Hannah  b. Oct, 1721  d. --  M October 22, 1743 Humphrey Odgen
   C.  Nathan  b. March 4, 1725  d. October 5, 1792  M June 7, 1746 Hannah Sturges
   D.  Thomas  b. March 8, 1727  d. @ Fairfield Jan 26, 1797  M Apr 1, 1754 Mary Couch - b. March 28, 1729  d. July 27,1788.

Children of Thomas and Mercy Scovill Bennett, recorded at Fairfield

    E.  James  b. July 15, 1743  d. June 1, 1799  M  [1] Apr 1762, Sarah Read who d. Oct 28, 1779.
   [2] At Norfield (Weston) Jun 7, 1780, Anne Godfrey.


NATHAN BENNETT, son of Thomas
Nathan Bennett was born at Fairfield, Connecticut March 4, 1725;  d. at Westport, October 5, 1792;
  Married on June 7 (Or June 17) 1746 to Hannah Sturges, B about 1728, D April 19, 1809 at the age of 81.
  She was the daughter of John and Sarah _____ Sturges.
  Nathan Bennett was a weaver by trade and lived with his family in the Compo section of Fairfield County, Connecticut.
He was the Father of twelve children and sixy-seven grandchildren.

Children of Nathan and Hannah Sturges Bennett  (Births are recorded at Fairfield; Baptisms at Greens Farms Church.)

   A.  Nathan  b. Nov 2, 1747  d. --- M - Mary Beers, daughter of Anthony.    
            Children:  Abigail, Mary, Rebecca, Joseph, Harriet and Daniel.    
   B.  Andrew  b. Mar 11, 1750  d. @ Westport Jan 6, 1805 aged 55 M - Dec 15, 1776 Elizabeth Couch, b. January 23, 1756    
           Children:  Stephen, Joshua, Elizabeth, some authorities also list another child, 'Kessiah'    
   C.  Elias  b. May 10, 1752  d. --- M [1] Abigail [Some say 'Anna'] Crossman b.Nov 25, 1756
  [2] Elizabeth Squires M May 19, 1798.

  Children of Elias and Abigail Crossman Bennett: John , Abigail, Elias, Lewis, Esther Ann.

Abigail - M Burr Roland
Elias b. Dec 25, 1778 ---
  M  Mary Perry, daughter of Thaddeus.
  Elias was a post rider in Fairfield.


Children of Elias and Elizabeth Squires Bennett : Molly Jackson, Charles, Minot (or Minet), William, Daniel, Josiah.

William b. 1807 --- M  Eliza Robinson

   D.  Daniel  b. Apr 1, 1754
Baptized May 5, 1754
 d. ---

M - Oct 7, 1778 - Mary Monroe b. May 22, 1757. 

Children:  Isabell, Dolly, Silas, Hezekiah, Ebenezer, Daniel, Macabes, Miranda and Mary

   E.  Hezekiah b. Apr 7, 1756
Baptized May 9, 1756
 d. July 11, 1777    Unmarried    
   F.  Hannah   b. May 20, 1758
Baptized June 25, 1758
 d. --- M - June 24, 1779, Gilbert Fairchild of Norwalk.    
   G.  Sarah  b. Mar 2, 1760
Baptized May 4, 1760
 d. ---

M - Moses Oysterbanks b. Sep 22,1762, @ Danbury, Conn.

Children:  Abraham, Charity, Sally, Polly, Betsey, Samuel, Abbe, Hannah, Moses and Aaron.

The Name Oysterbanks is sometimes contracted to O'Banks of Banks.

   H.  Ruth b. Mar 10, 1762
Baptized July 11, 1762
 d. ---  M - May 28,1786 Eleaser Morris

  (Jacobus states she married Ebenezer Monroe) who was baptized Mar 18, 1764.
           Children:  Elizabeth, Betsey, Sally, Mary, Samuel and Hezkiah.     
   I.  Naomi  b. Apr 15, 1764
Baptized Mar 27, 1764.
 d. ---

 M - Feb 7, 1782, Thomas Squires, Baptized Nov 23, 1764.

Children:  Hannah, Elizabeth, Sally, Mary, Hesekiah and Samuel.

   J.  Josiah  b. Apr 28, 1766  d. ---

 M - Sep 13, 1789 Mary Hilton
  - Moved to Danbury Connecticut 1816.

Children: Eli and Nathan

   K.  Thomas  b. July 21, 1768.
Baptized Oct 2, 1768 at Fairfield, Connecticut
 d. 1853

 M at Greens Farms, Aug 24, 1788 Sarah Stratton,
Baptized at Greens Farm Church, Feb 12, 1769, Daughter of Cornelius and Abigail Hull Stratton.

Children: Ferris, Charles, Abigail, Deborah, Sally, Esther, Charity, Fannie, Alfred.

(Jacobus does not list Alfred and Fannie who were probably born after the record he used was recorded.)
- Jacobus also lists a 'Clara' rather than a 'Charity' however we believe this to be an error in transcription.

Notes:  Seven of these children moved to Pennsylvania - Pike County, according to Jacobus, however we know that to be erroneous, as they lived in what is now Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Some of these children settled in Pike Township.

   L.  Esther  b. Mar 1, 1771.
Baptized Sep 1, 1771.
 d. ---

 M - Eliphant Stevens

Child: Hannah

         Notes:  Five of Nathan Bennett's children settled in Danbury and vicinity, but very few of their descendants bear the name Bennett.  The Banks without the Oyster, Stevens and Morris families are well represented.  Many of Elias Bennett's descendants live in Bethel, Connecticut.    


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