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   In the publication The Bennett Family , reference is made to one James Bennett, founder of the New York Herald, who immigrated to America from Scotland.  He once wrote "The Bennett's were a little band of freebooters in Saxony in 896. I have no doubt they robbed and plundered a good deal. They emigrated to France and lived on the Loire (River) for several hundred years."  This source considers it probable that the family came into England at the time of William the Conqueror when so many of the Normans made their homes in the British Isles.  In 1215 the first official records of the family seem to begin. One very ancient branch of the family made its home at Pyt House, Wilts Co.. . . By the mid 1800's the Bennett name was to be found extensively in Scotland and Ireland.

   The only claims to fame for the family name: An ancestor that signed the United States Declaration of Independence and an American family heritage that goes back to the time of the Mayflower. One family member came to Boston in the ship "American" in 1635. As a result of being part of the early settlements, the clan name shed blood all over the northeastern U.S. fighting wars with the French aligned Indians. The family name also belongs to the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution and the Sons and Daughters of the Civil War. During the 'American' Civil War one member on my mother's side of the family garrisoned outside Washington D.C.. Apparently having been paid to enlist by a wealthy family not wishing to send their son to war. An interesting highlight to the Bennett history: The June of 1692 found one Thomas Bennett (age 50), his son Thomas Jr.(age 27), and his daughter, Elizabeth, aged about 20, testifying in the Disbrow witchcraft trial.

   My personal branch of the family contains Scott-Irish and Dutch-English Blood lines on both my mother's (Maiden name: Carol) and father's sides of the family. I have 23 Cousins by my father's two brothers and sister and my mother's sister.  Most of the clan is spread over the country, from the east coast to the west coast. As for myself, I have non-identical twin brothers, one in the Atlanta area and the other near Boone North Carolina. . .


I've had the recent misfortune to learn that I too am looking for a weak link in my family tree.  Out of my own interest I thought I would follow through on all the research and numerous trips my grandfather conducted to overgrown gravesights.  I submitted my paperwork to a number of societies with little fanfare only to discover that the missing link is still in limbo. The family tree weaves and winds it's way back to one Considerer Wood, if this link can be verified then I'm included in a Bennett family tree that branches back to John Howland of the Mayflower.

If you're curious about my branch of the family tree or you are looking for clues for your own research, please visit my tabled genealogy page.

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Notes about the Bennett Family during the American Revolution.


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