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Tom de St. Aubin: SAP SD Management Consultant


Destau Enterprises      July 99 - present

Specialty Materials and Chemicals Manufacturer        September 2014November 2014        SD/OTC Consultant

Assisted in writing customer master BPPs: found, researched, and solved problems

 Assisted in harmonization and enrichment of customer master load files

 Validated customer master loads and researched load errors

Electronics Manufacturer          June 2013October 2013      SD/OTC Consultant  

Production support for SD, MM, LE on ECC 6.0 system

Fixed intercompany auto posting problems

Identified and fixed delivery problems when inventory is missing

Identified and fixed out of sequence batch jobs

Led pricing report project to completion

Added and populated custom fields on customer master

Set up cross company sales orders

Fixed production problems with rebate agreements, material listings/exclusions, and price lists

Candy Company            November 2012April 2013        SD/OTC Consultant  

Fixed delivery scheduling lead times (transit times in routes, shipping calendars) for ECC 6.0 system

Fixed ATP settings (accumulation, receipts in the past, include QI, no storage location inspection)

Changed “Partial delivery per item” and “delivery priority” on customer masters to improve customer service

Designed and delivered “end to end” business process training (forecast, production, purchasing, sales, shipping, transportation)

Identified problems with return process

Production support for SD, MM, LE

Medical Equipment Company          October 2012November 2012        SD/OTC Consultant  

Designed interface for converting external customer POs to SAP sale orders for ECC 6.0 system

Designed interface for sending SAP invoices to customers system for ECC 6.0 system

Chemical Company                June 2012 – July 2012        SD/OTC Consultant  

Go live support for ECC 6.0 system

Monitored problems with pricing and invoicing

Solved freight/shipping point process problems

Verified account determination on rebates

High Performance Wire Manufacturer                  February 2012March 2012        SD/OTC Consultant  

Sanitized legacy open sales order extract file, reformatted it and loaded into ECC 6.0 system (which reconciled to the penny)

Fixed text determination problem for FOC deliveries

Added new config for product hierarchy and billing blocks

Fixed commissions access sequence problem

Mass change of customers loaded to remove order combination flag

International Automobile Manufacturer                 October 2011December 2011        SD/OTC Consultant  

Designed transformation tables for data conversion

Designed Data load procedures for Customers, Materials, Pricing, and Open AR

Designed Quality Center test scripts for data conversions

Tested and verified LSMW loads

Fixed IDOC errors

Telecom Company        April 2011 – July 2011        MM/SD/OTC Consultant

Designed and configured reverse purchase order process in ECC 6.0 IS-Retail system

Designed and configured free of charge cross company sales order process with cost centers

Created new movement types pointing to different GL accounts

Media Distributor        December 2010 – March 2011        SD/OTC Consultant

Ran design sessions covering business processes and gaps

Demoed sales activities, consignment, value contracts and ECATTS in ECC 6.0 system

Rescoped SD with inclusion of PP module

Hi Tech Manufacturer        September 2010 – November 2010          SD/OTC Lead Consultant

Designed high level solutions for gaps (pricing, invoice formatting, etc.) in ECC 6.0 system

Power Equipment Manufacturer        June 2010 – September 2010        SD/OTC Lead Consultant

Created SD/OTC blueprint for ECC 6.0 system

Prototyped various SD scenarios: contracts, third party, stock transport orders, free delivery, milestone and periodic billing, and debit memos

Designed SD org structure

Consumer Products Company            April 2010 – May 2010        SD/OTC Consultant

Debugged customized enhancements to ECC 6.0 system

Tested and debugged IDOCs for EDI

Identified missing entries in custom tables

Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer    December 2008 – March 2009   SD Consultant

Created SD global blueprint for international manufacturing company

Setup processes for variant config

Solved problem of how to ship kits complete using delivery groups

Electronics Manufacturer    October 2008   SD Consultant

SD training for Fast Start program on ECC 6.0

Ceramics Manufacturer   July 2008 – August 2008   SD/MM Consultant

SD/MM support for ECC 6.0 system

Fixed account determination problems

Set up incompletion procedures for sales orders

Identified procedural problems with transportation planning and shipment cost document

Defense Contractor   April 2006 –February 2008    SD/MM Consultant/Test Coordinator

Designed and prototyped material estimating system in SAP using BOMs, SD inquiry, and MM RFQs

Developed SD/MM/WM/PS test scripts in Mercury Test Director/Quality Center 9.0 for 4.6c system

Test Coordinator for largest location thru 5 phases of testing

SD/MM/WM/PS/FI unit testing and integration testing for change to Company Code, WBS elements, and GL accounts

SD/MM production support and changes

Food Service Company    December 2005 –February 2006   SD Consultant

Pricing (new condition tables, condition types, access sequences, etc.) for 4.7 system

SD unit testing and integration testing

International Barcode Company     April 2005 –October 2005    SD/MM Consultant

Production support for 4.7 system

Added new shipping point and packing list

Fixed pricing condition formula routines

Designed and configured European sales

Designed milestone billing process using PS

Setup material determination

Consumer Product (Paper)    August 2004 – December 2004    SD/MM Consultant

Tested upgraded interface to 4.6c system

Added BOL and carrier info to interface goods receipts function (Sarbanes-Oxley)

Designed workflow process for missing interface data

Added load type and del ayed load info to interface shipments

Brought new plants live to SAP interface

Coordinated inbound and outbound changes to interface with plants across the country

Consumer Products (Photo)   Dec. 2003 – June 2004    SD/MM Consultant

Implemented consignment system with serial numbers

Cleansed and loaded data using CATT scripts

SD/LES Config training for client staff

Tested and improved custom backorder and product allocation process, designed test scripts

Tested custom partner re-determination process, designed test scripts

Go live SD/MM/LES support for 4.6c system

National Food Distributor    January 2003 – November 2003  SD/MM Consultant

Designed and tested conversions for material master, inventory, and item cost

Designed and tested legacy to SAP inventory reconciliation program

Designed and tested legacy to Delivery interfaces

Designed and tested legacy to Shipment (transportation) interfaces

Designed and tested legacy to SAP production receipts against reservations program

Performed MM configuration (plants, deliveries, STOs, factory calendar, storage locations, shipping points) for 4.6c system

Loaded master data (plants, customers, vendors) using CATT scripts

Medical Products Company                 July 2002 SD Consultant
Taught SAP SD level 2 class (org structures, master data, sales documents, integration points)
Focused on specific topics (ATP, pricing, LES)
Building Materials Supplier                  January 2002 – February 2002 SD Consultant
Sole support for plant during 4.6c go-live
Covered SD, MM, and FI areas for plant
Trained users and other support personnel in SD area
Setup output determination for orders and deliveries
Worldwide Logistics Company               December 2001 - January 2002 SD Consultant
Support during 4.6c go-live
Solved invoice and bill of lading problems in the SD area
Fixed delivery group problems in item category
Specialty Chemical Company                    June - July 2001 SD Consultant
Support for upgraded 4.6c live system: solved user problems in the SD area
Fixed Credit Memo problems related to item category table
Solved freight problems on Invoice (price source in copy control)
International Aerospace Company                     June 2001 SD Consultant
Setup Org Structure for business unit (version 4.5b)
Setup Resource Related Billing for business unit
Supervised creation of training materials and business process procedures
International Bio-Pharmaceutical Company                     July 2000 - February 2001 SD Consultant
International support for 4.0b live system (US, Brazil, Germany, UK)
Fixed revenue account determination problems and added missing pricing procedures
Solved Brazil specific Nota Fiscal problems
Solved user problems in the Order to Invoice Business Process flow (changing prices, creating accounting documents, credit problems, canceling Invoices and Deliveries, extending master data)
Designed SD/MM reports and interfaces
Trained users on Collective Picking
Improved SD output documents: packing list, pick list, and invoice
International Beverage Company                        May 2000 SD Instructor/Consultant
Taught SAP SD Level 2 class to already live client emphasizing functions they weren't using
Taught specific topics (ATP, 2 step invoicing, material determination, SIS) at Level 3 (configuration)
Solved live problems and showed how to improve business use of SAP
Consulting Company                                            April 2000 SD/SM/PS Consultant
Prepared presales presentation of SAP version 4.6B for international client
Developed SAP 4.6B demo of SD, SM, & PS modules
Chemical Company                            August 1999 - October 1999 SD Consultant
Resolved shipping and inventory problems during Go-Live phase
Worked with WM & MM modules to correct inventory
Rewrote business scripts to speed up stock transports
Trained shipping and receiving personnel
Pharmaceutical company                                             July 1999 SD Team Lead
Added new company to existing SAP implementation
SD Team lead for Blueprint phase


Intelligroup                           Nov. 98 to June 99

For a construction and engineering company, SD Team Lead using ASAP methodology
Used SAP's Aerospace and Defense Industry Solution for Resource Related Billing
Helped project manager in initial project setup and team training
Member of the Integration Team and Org Structure Team
Defined To-Be process for sales order entry, material movement, delivery, and invoicing
Configured SD document types (sales order, delivery, and billing)


Technology Solutions Company (TSC)       Dec. 97 to Oct. 98

For a chemical company, responsible for SD/MM during the Go-Live phase
Solved Go-Live problems by troubleshooting SD/MM problems
Responsible for client training
Assisted TSC in sales and marketing effort
Designed TSC internal database for example deliverables


Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/ICS       Sept. 95 - Nov. 97

Equipment Sales and Leasing Company                  October 1997 - Nov. 97 SD Team Lead
Responsible for project methodology training (ASAP) and monitoring.
Responsible for scoping and planning phase of SD & SM modules: developing client print of As-Is business processes, defining module and business process scope, initial training of SD team on SAP, and high level gap/fit analysis.
Canadian Chemicals Manufacturer        March 1997 - August 1997 SD/MM Consultant
Designed, tested, and implemented 5 distribution documents. Created new procedure for documents that eliminates preprinted forms.
Designed classification system for identifying material.
Designed interface to external transportation system.
Resolved all outstanding distribution issues from previous implementation through configuration and training.
Japanese Electronics Manufacturer                            February 1997 SD Consultant
Assisted in SD, SM, and MM modules during Go-Live phase; user assistance, training, and helpdesk.
Global Chemicals/Life Sciences Company   March 1996 - January 1997 SD/MM Consultant
Completed gap analysis and proposed resolutions for all distribution functions.
Developed and documented SAP/business procedures using the In-Touch Lotus Notes database.
Configured SD module to meet clients business requirements.
Managed integration between SD and MM teams.
Developed specifications for interfaces to legacy systems and for output documents.
Implemented Distribution, Transportation, and parts of MM for largest plant.
Coordinated and assisted in user training. Edited training manuals.
Assisted in unit testing, integration testing, and go-live activities.
Utility Company                                   January 1996 - February 1996 SD Consultant
Business process modeling using ARIS tool and doing research in SD internal sales orders.



Siemens Energy & Automation 1989 - 1995 MIS Project Leader
Converted new business units to corporate integrated system (ASK MANMAN). Converted business units being sold off to different systems. Designed and developed new order entry system. Designed and maintained security authorization system.
Maintained application software, system management, database administration, coordinated user training, and hired programming staff.

Construction Systems Associates 1987 - 1989 Senior Programmer
Developed solid model geometry interference detection software.

TRW, Inc. 1980 - 1987 Software Engineer
Developed radar simulators, environment simulators, and user interfaces. Tested other contractors software. (Security Clearance)

Simulation Technology 1979 - 1980 Software Engineer
Developed defense simulators. (Security Clearance)