Alternate Routes are Simpler, Cheaper and

Avoid Damaging Ocmulgee Old Fields

Published in the MaconTelegraph on Saturday, December 28, 1996 p.6A

Two Routes can Save the Freeway


The EPE (Eisenhower Parkway Extension) project is mired; bogged down in the legal swamp which it chose as its path. The EPE demands exemption (for itself) from several of our wise federal laws which regulate wetlands (to protect us from flooding) and laws which regulate cultural properties (to protect our history).

EPE's demand for federal review for exemption will delay it at least 3-7 years and in fact may lead to rejection of any route through Macon entirely.

Meanwhile, the FLF (Fall Line Freeway) begs for completion. There already exist 2 routes (literally) which are vastly superior to the EPE. These two routes would accomplish 2 major goals much better than EPE ever could: 1- Access to downtown Macon business, and 2- Bypass Macon for those who need to. These two superior routes are (1) EPE (truncated at 7th St.), then MLK to Emory Hwy., and (2) GA 96.

Many major highways have 2 routes near cities. A "business" route and an "alternate or bypass" route. Examples here in Macon include: I-75(475), US 41, US 129 and GA 74.

Please help us to pull Macon back out of the swamp. Encourage all new development to locate on solidly dry land. And help speed the completion of the FLF. Save the Freeway by changing the route.

These two routes will save us Georgians time, money and divisive litigation. And by following existing roads they will adhere to both the letter and the intent of their enabling legislation "GRIP" the Georgia Road Improvement Program.


Lindsay Holliday, DMD. - email: Teeth@Macon.MindSpring.Com

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