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Ocmulgee Old Fields

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A Quick Overview of Issues:

Today part of the Ocmulgee Old Fields is preserved within the boundaries of Ocmulgee National Monument. In 1934, 2,000 acres were authorized for the Monument, however, no federal money was appropriated to purchase the property. Efforts by local leaders raised sufficient funds to purchase several hundred acres in 1936. Through the years, other small parcels have been added until today the park encompasses 702 acreas. Most of the remainder of the Old Fields is still privately owned but relatively undeveloped. The Georgia Department of Transportation has proposed building a section of what is commonly referred to as the Fall Line Freeway, through the Old Fields.

The Bibb County Commission and the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce have launched a campaign to circumvent the will of the Muscogee People and those who care about Middle Georgia's cultural resources. A letter was sent to only selected members of the Chamber of Commercer (road opponents were excluded) encouraging them to write letters to their elected officials supporting the road.


More Information:

A Call to Action

You can help preserve the Old Fields and its irreplacable cultural resources. Write to the Secretary of Interior and tell him there are reasonable and feasible alternatives to construction of this road through the Old Fields. Tell him that you oppose any attempt desicrate these sacred lands.

Bruce Babbitt
US Department of Interior
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

Write to your Congressman and Senators and tell them federal money should not be appropriated for construction of a road through the Ocmulgee Old Fields. Ask them to oppose any legislation that would exempt this project from the requirements of section 4(F) of the Department of Transportation Act. Section 4(F) requires that Georgia DOT demonstrate that there are no feasible and prudent alternatives to the proposed route.

For addresses of your representatives in Washington, visit the Capweb.

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