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"they will respond positively to any well founded accusations of profiteering "     -   From: <>

It's about time to start a sincere search for vested interests w/political influence who stand to profit most from the destructive route.  A good place  to begin would be the titles to and options on properties along and  adjacent to the proposed route.  I have little faith in appealing to the mindset that's already exposed  millions to an increased risk of cancer and/or non-natural mutation for the  sake of air conditioning and hardwood flooring/furniture.Until they realize that natural resources are not immediately replaceable ; rational argument can be an exercise in futility.  However , they will respond positively to any well founded accusations of  profiteering and they will continue to respond positively to the possibility of desecration of Indian burial grounds and ancient homelands.The reasons for these responses are rooted in their own mores rather than the real issues involved, but like a standard pair of pliers; these approaches work.  The would be despoilers of the natural environment understand this public mindset and communicate with it. Objecting entities such as yours are going to have to communicate within the context of this limited lexicon in order to be effective.The obvious rebuttal to your argument from "the opposition" will be a reference to the low frequency of massive flooding on the Ocmulgee, with the implicit ,Id based ,assumption that any problems created by the route can be passed off to future citizenry during the next century....

From:  "ditto, lnz."

ditto, lnz. You know, I've come to learn that Mother Earth "rules." Take grass and ivy for example. Now, the clueless individual might think that they grow where you don't want them and won't grow where you do want them.   After a while, even Forrest Gump would realize that we just must not want them in the right places. Well, water is the same. Wonder why we humans insist on having things our way.  

We "Christians" have the same problem. We find a culture that has existed and thrived for centuries in its natural beauty and strength; yet, somehow believe that "our" way is "the" way.

Must have something to do with an inherent need to control....

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A Call to Action

You can help preserve the Old Fields and its irreplacable cultural resources. Write to the Secretary of Interior and tell him there are reasonable and feasible alternatives to construction of this road through the Old Fields. Tell him that you oppose any attempt desicrate these sacred lands.

Bruce Babbitt
US Department of Interior
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

Write to your Congressman and Senators and tell them federal money should not be appropriated for construction of a road through the Ocmulgee Old Fields. Ask them to oppose any legislation that would exempt this project from the requirements of section 4(F) of the Department of Transportation Act. Section 4(F) requires that Georgia DOT demonstrate that there are no feasible and prudent alternatives to the proposed route.

For addresses of your representatives in Washington, visit the Capweb.

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