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Last tweaked: 2005-11-01

Here are a few Delphi things I have written over the years.

ExeStamp.pas ExeStamp.pas contains GetExeTimeStamp, a routine to dig the compile time out of a Delphi compiled exe, dll, or bpl file 2002-06-04 13:24; 4,308 bytes
DatedExe.dpr DatedExe.dpr is a program to demonstrate the use of GetExeTimeStamp. It will list the compile times for a given file or directory, or for the program it is compiled into. 2002-06-08 00:12; 7,525 bytes
DatedExe.exe usage: DatedExe [file|path [type]]

if a filename is given, DatedExe will list the directory and internal timestamps of the file
  ex: DatedExe c:\delphi\bin\dcc32.exe
  (show info about the Delphi compiler)

if a path is given, DatedExe will list the timestamps of all EXEs, DLLs, and BPLs in the named folder
  ex: DatedExe .
  (show files in the current folder)

a path can take a list of types to limit the output, one or more of exe, dll or bpl separated by commas
  ex: DatedExe . dll
  (show only dlls in the current folder)

if no parameters are given, DatedExe lists its own timestamps

all results are written to DatedExe.log in the program folder
2002-06-08 00:12; 197,120 bytes
Console.pas Console.pas is a basic collection of routines to support console mode apps: handle keypresses, set foreground and background colors, manage input and output devices, etc. 2002-01-06 23:00; 13,674 bytes

TFDUtils.pas TFDUtils.pas is a collection of general purpose string, file, and system routines: pad strings, lpos, conversions, GetWhile, GetUntil, path and filename operations 2002-05-24 12:18; 41,269 bytes
TFDUtils.txt description of routines in TFDUtils.pas - this is a bit out of date, but covers most routines and definitions 2000-03-26 10:40; 16,508 bytes
TFDelphi.pas TFDelphi.pas is a collection of general purpose VCL/GUI oriented routines: FontFromString, FontToString, WrapParagraph and ToggleWordWrap, text file and string list processing, canvas routines 2002-05-30 04:10; 42,641 bytes

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