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Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Cookbook
NEW! The Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Cookbook!

Yay! Pre-order your own high-quality hardback of The Illustrated Geek Cookbook (with over a hundred pages of art by yours truly) on Etsy! It'll also be appearing on Amazon soon, but if you buy directly from us there you'll save money, receive a book that's signed by Chris-Rachael Oseland and myself -- and an exclusive poster, to boot!

UnNew! Kitchen Overlord!

UPDATE-O-RAMA! A whoooole lotta new (and old) stuff. Scope the column on the bottom right; some of the more observant among you will notice I've been regularly adding new pieces on the artwork section of the site, albeit without my usual loud online FLS-hucksterism... no longer! But for 2013, I'm pleased to announce a weekly "Illustrated Geek Recipes" feature at! Check it out!

(Oh, and of course I'm on the time-hoovering hole that is Facebook.)

Old! Blog + Blather = BLOTHER!

Well, you just know it had to happen, eventually. Of course, there's still lots of artwork and highly dubious photo illustrations also being thrown into the mix, as well.

Older! "Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser"

Seem to be in the minority here, but after Feudal Master of the Circular Metal Bands' near-ludicrous financial success, I'd have thought the Twain's adventures were the logical next step, cinematically speaking. Ah well. Maybe if Fritz Leiber had been a crazy advocate of divine monarchy, writing thinly-veiled religious allegories, or somethin'...

Oldest! "Pantechnicon"

Finally, a piece worthy of overly verbose and entirely unnecessary front-end commentary! Yup, it's all about hexapodia as the key insight, babe. IAE, I heard some (other) smug science fiction know-it-all point out how the Known Net would've adopted the weblogging model for its communications, instead of newsgroups, as VV suggested. What. Frickin'. Ever. As if poor Twirlip's observations would've gotten any MORE attention, what with far-flung Jovian gasbags being the rough equivalent of a lonely thirteen-year-old girl keeping a LiveJournal and all. Oh, and let's not forget the ravings of hateful intergalactic Koslings, who'd hog precious bandwidth with THEIR particular brand of drivel: "...billions of human beings slaughtered without provocation by alien jihadists? Well, that's what they get for greedily venturing into the Transcend. Blank them!

Oldest-est! Miscellaneous Something Or Other

I don't know what to call this particular section yet. Maybe the "Computer Things I Gleefully Created In A Manic Haze Long Ago Which Are Neither Art Nor Writing And Which Almost Nobody Else Has Any Use For Anymore But Which I Still Think Are Worth Uploading" section. Oh well. To those who still play "Escape Velocity" on a frequent basis or diddle around with Commodore 64 emulators, these hopelessly dated files of mine might be amusing.

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