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January 28, 2006

Bats and Moonbats
Erm. So. Now that I've gotten that all-essential First Blog Entry out of the way, what next on my long slippery slope towards a complete and total lack of enthusiasm (imposed in no small part by a self-imposed restriction about publicly discussing such highly personal/embarassing subject matter as my fetishistic attraction to pleasantly double-chinned females)?

Musick, I s'pose. MySpace's whole Java-based album-selection gizmo was a new one on me, as in most cases I'd think nobody would give a rabid dingo's kidneys what batch of noise I was listening while scrawling the usual dense prose rife with assorted pop-cultural detritus and/or rightwingneoconimperialist sentiment. But yes, my little droogies, the "Batman Begins" soundtrack HAS recieved 'major rotation' in the Gordon dojo/cubicle/hole-in-the-wall. (Assuming your average flash-based MP3 player is really just a Victorian assemblage of whirring gears and moving parts, of course. Maybe this'll actually happen when some jihadist scumtard detonates an EMP device -- forcibly ushering in a necessary second era of (nano-scale) mechanical computing... hey, well, there's ALWAYS a silver lining, isn't there?)

In particular, the track "Molossus" -- whose first two minutes should be placed alongside Thus Spake Zarathrusa and TESB's Imperial March as film-music milestones. Yes, yes, yes -- you can also hear it in the film approximately when a cowled growling Christian Bale decides to whimsically Evel Knieval his paramilitary SUV off a parking garage (right after crushing a few Priusian fauxmobiles, heh heh). But that crazed rampup by Zimmer and Howard's platoon of overly-caffeinated violinists is just a wee bit lost amidst the Dark Knight lighting off that Big Effing JATO unit.

Oh, loved Chris Nolan's shades-of-80's-Hasbro "Tumbler", BTW. I read somewhere in one of those innumerable bikini babe-covered gearhead periodicals that he actually toiled upon that sucker for over a year in his garage, Coop-like, before filming. Hmm. Maybe yours truly should also start honing his near-nonexistent skillz in Manly Automotive Mechanics. It certainly helped THOSE clowns become better artists.

Here I come, (insert corporate regional car-parts franchise here)!

In other Olde Newse, Joel Stein is indeed a traitorous fargin' tewl. But at least he's an HONEST one -- unlike the rest of his closeted Grim Milestone-invoking, blood-dancing colleagues. Dennis Prager would certainly pat this 'humorist' on the shoulder, and say "you done good, kid."

(Just before he mucked up his pretty-boy dental work with a handy two-by-four, that is. For those American Quislings who're actively working to make Osama's Caliphate a reality, there are very low tolerance limits.)

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