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February 9, 2006

Moose Drool, Incorporated
Whelp, I think I've finally got the blog template markup about where I want it now -- IE, consistent with the rest of Free Lunch site and its horribly antiquated web design paradigm, circa 1999 or so. As tempting as it is to go the CSS route and whimsically redress the entire kit n'caboodle as easily as a Winamp skin, I nevertheless remain a member of the Lowest Common Denominator school when it comes to HTML jockeying. Darn it, I like the the fact that the site looks exactly the same in a ten-year-old copy of Netscape 2.0 as it does in the version of Safari which shipped with OS X Tiger. For a number of reasons, but mostly because yours truly's a backward retard.

So the only bit I'm cringing about now is the fact that a third party -- Blogger -- is ultimately the engine driving the thing. I would've much rather have installed MovableType or WordPress, and got that working on an entirely independent basis -- DIY, maaaaan. But Earthlink won't relinquish that level of control to me, and I'm just not enthusiastic enough this issue where switching ISPs is a consideration. Ah well...

Speaking of OS X, nothing would give me greater pleasure presently than locating the repeating 'brushed metal' PNG texture that the Finder utilizes for its menus, dialog boxes, what have you -- and replacing that accursed graphic with something, ANYTHING else. It just reminds me of the stainless steel furnishings you'd find in your typical morgue or surgeon's hangout. Mark my words, in twenty years we'll all be chuckling over that particular ghastly GUI selection the same way we presently giggle over ubiquitous faux-wood grain surfaces used during the 1970's:

Yup, my favorite was the pseudo-oaken trim on the Atari 2600. While I can (sort of) understand the manufacturer's choice -- they clearly wanted to make the unit's appearance 'compatible' with the conservative interior design of your typical household living room, and so not alienate a large section of their potential market share -- there was also that little matter of two rubbery joysticks with the bright flourescent red buttons, snaking out and (quite literally) tripping up pipe-smoking, "Saturday Evening Post"-reading Dad with their undomesticated space-agey future shocking. To say nothing of the new bleeps and fart noises regularly blaring from the television's speaker. By gum, what kind of warped music is this? Is THIS all what we can expect from the 'world of tomorrow'?

Naturally, beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. (Or perhaps it was just a disintegration spell.)
Anonymous Djinn babbled...

No, I think the worst was the fake wood on station wagons. yuk!!

2/09/2006 1:48 PM  

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