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March 2, 2006

Gooey GUI
Ah yes, that obligatory early March snow, a presumed death knell for a Geriatric Personification of Winter. I swear, if I hear one more person belching "in like a lion, out like a lamb", that repeat-o-bot individual's gonna quickly find their nice pretty dental work rather nastily mucked up with a handful of gravel-laced frozen slush. Or (better yet) be wholly cast off kicking and screaming into one of my typical mediocre sketchbook entries, and forced to fend for themselves against a hungry Somewhat Chartreuse Great Worm:

And why DO they always collect virgins? I mean, I can see why THAT would matter to Sir Testosterone, Square Jawed Sword Toting Adventurer, who's anxious to rid the town of its overly-scaly pyromajestic scourge. But why would the DRAGON care? (Somehow, I suspect Phil Foglio probably has a warped theory about that. I dare not inquire further.)

Anyway, among lots of other things, I've recently been trying my hand at (badly) making OS X icons using (duh) Iconographer. Unfortunately, with Apple's Aqua-themed design paradigm firmly embedded in place -- decreeing that all digital iconography bobbing in nausea-inducing Dock waves must either be miniature photographs/3D-modeled symbols, or else something that looks like a translucent stylized Gummi Bear -- making 'em's a far more labor-intensive task than my 256-color, System 7 whimsy-filled heyday's offerings:

And as it's virtually a requirement now that any graphickal work be done up in Adobe Photoshop (so as to get achieve them primo masking/translucency effects), with that imagesmith's juggernaut at one's disposal, it would also appear that the era of cleverly wrangling limited ResEdit palettes into dithered checkerboards, and all the other pointless skills associated with 'pixel art' are finally numbered.

"Hooray! The creator now has total freedom!" Well, yeah, but... y'all can call me an aging, reactionary dinosaur if you want -- I think there's also something to be said for the invention and ingenuity that -- cruel contradiction of contradictions! -- only comes through when there are boundaries (within limits) in place. After all, you can get pretty darned creative with your Crayolas, if you're forced to color inside the lines. Heck, just look at all the wonderful music that came from arranging eight simple Oppressively Arrogant and Eurocentric notes. And the Internet is just filled to overflowing with assorted clever 'mods' of games thrown together with 'construction set' style tools. Et cetera.

"Today's news flash: Tom Gordon calls for the wholesale suppression of artistic liberty! Is he a brownshirted fascist? An uptight, born-again Christer? Or just another sellout to the top-hatted Corporate-Industrial Plutocracy?" Oh, for the love of -- never mind. Fine! Enjoy your effin' splatter canvases with their pretentious titles, and that occasional knuckling under to bug-eyed demands of Islamodorks. See if I care!

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