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March 26, 2006

Shiny Unhappy People
And the needle swings back to 'manic' once again. Yay! Just in time, too -- as the Internet was beginning to suffer a massive shortage of badly-rendered, anatomically-distorted six-limbed alien things!

Ah so. I finally broke down and rented "Serenity". Which -- to draw an analogy for those wholly unfamiliar with Firefly's appeal -- is a bit like digging out old letters from somebody you were once madly, hopelessly in love with long ago... and reading them while staring into his/her candlelit portrait. In other words, a curious form of self-torture.

Oh, it was surely nice to discover that Reavers really DO resemble George Romero-esque space zombies rather than just crazy standard-issue human beans. T'was hella grand to see what'd been addling River Tam all this time, witness the highfalutin' doctor and cute prairie-gal engineer finally together at last, and be able to guffaw over snarky Joss Whedon one-liners once again... even if only for a couple of hours. But damn it, all of these plot developments should've had the privilege of unraveling slowly over at least one additional season. Wonder if Book knows if there's also a 'special hell' for visionless media executives who choose to stamp out greatness, and replace it with this femtosecond's reigning reality-themed twaddle?

Anyway, I only mention this here-and-now because my wistful observation of the movie has apparently stoked the Gordonian creative fires, there -- I suspect I'll be uploading a Firefly-themed piece of "art" before too long. And -- as my caricaturing proficency only barely approaches that of Calvin the Counterfeiter -- god help us all. (Oh, all right... Realistic Artistic Assessment Time: I'm fairly certain I can nail down most the female crew members, and Jayne the Classically Square-Jawed Rogue, and prob'ly Wash too. But distinguishing Mal's features from Simon's is just gonna be a gorram pain in the patookus. OTOH, Serenity should be lots of fun to draw -- I just love the design of that ship)

Other news: the new/olde Wallstreet laptop's of mine's still taking some getting used to. It's fine and dandy for browsing and retrogaming and digesting assorted documents. But when it all comes back to Basic Productivity 101, there's much to be desired. For one thing -- the unit's surprisingly heavy, and the temperature of its bottom regularly approaches that of a medium-sized oven. As I'm one of those mindless twits who foolishly believed the term 'laptop' implied performance of computing tasks with the machine sitting in one's LAP -- no doubt I'll be rendered sterile and/or plagued with inexplicable charlie-horses for the rest of my life, before long. Another incessant whiney gripe is the keyboard itself -- it's set so far back that I usually have to impersonate Quasimodo to see whatever it is I'm typing. And the keys themselves have the tactile quality of your average late-seventies Speak & Spell -- I suspect if I even look at one of them cross-eyed, it'll break off.

On the plus side: wireless fargin' Internet. Love it, love it, love it. The first time I fired the WiFi modem up and felched packets of laughably frivolous content from the ether, for a very brief moment I experienced a pale ghost of the same 'whole new world opening up before my eyes' rush/wonder that'd hit me back in 1995, during my initiation to the Web. Of course, this present-day realization ("hey look, no cables necessary!") was but a mere feather being brushed against my cheek compared to that previous Sledgehammer of Readily Accessible Global Communications Lashing Together The Great Human Database At Last (And Free Pr0n Too), coming down upon my overwhelmed cranium and spewing a grey tapioca-like substance outta my ears.

Alas. We take so much for granted, nowadays...
Blogger Scott LeMien babbled...

this blog is the only blog I can't understand. Great pictures, though!

3/27/2006 10:23 AM  

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