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November 30, 2006

Fall Fall Fall...
Gad. Guess I better get yet another minimalist blog in -- before November ends and my usual low-level grumpiness becomes a genuine Funk. Of course here's the obligatory incomprehensible sketch-vomit, whose JPEG algorithm-destroyed, barely-visible 'technique' is a sneak preview for this annum's Gutlessly Nonspecific Holiday card. (And the theme this go-around? "Crude butchery of M.C. Escher's legacy, yet again")

Incidentally, doesn't that doodling just ache for a gratuitous Lakeside Computer Perfection cameo, somewhere? Yup, cometh the advent of FTL space travel, I fully expect every vessel in the Solar Union to have at least two of those things prominently displayed in the control room -- just for nostalgia/bewilderment's sake.

Ah yes, and the 2006 election results. Well, believe me, I've already written scads of quite vitriolic bits about it. But with the afforementioned Generic Celebrations Of End-Year Diversity fast approaching -- and their spirit of feigned 'brotherhood' -- I think I'll be reformed-Scrooge 'charitable' for now, and inconveniently rant about that particular subject come January 2007 instead, when the New Dawn For America (or whatever idiotic name the lamestreamers give the event) is imminent.

Oh, and obviously this same apolitical courtesy will be extended to me, at various parties this season? Yeah. Riiiight. IAE, it's clear Osama was overly generous in his estimation of American military willpower. Paper tiger? Try kitten of marglefargin' Kleenex.

Or, perhaps, a little poetic anecdote. Recently, I saw one of those "United We Stand" bumper stickers. Obviously'd been stuck on pretty closely after September 11th, for the magenta ink comprising the American flag's stripes had completely vanished over the years of exposure to the elements -- just as stagnant water drippings will, eventually, bore a hole through the hardest mountain rock. Anyway, what remained now was only a pale cyan for the star-filled field, and lettering.

Wishful thinking

T'was also a spot-on illustration of our present state of affairs. An America exhausted and drained, weak blue shadow of its former enraged red-blooded self.

And now 'united' only under a banner that's three-quarters white. Sigh.

(On the upside though, as one of the newly Dissenting Disenfranchised, I'm free to scrawl/inflict fawning commentary about Survivor's overly-sincere 80's-era defiance-anthems again! Yay!)

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