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Tom Gordon

Tom's Family (Circa 1996)

My family is very strange, but they're an integral part of my life. I have two younger brothers, an older sister and a mom and dad. Most of my immediate family lives about 40 miles away from me, in a semi-rural community. Since I moved out many years ago, I usually visit them about once a month.

Dad My father was an inspector, while my mother works at a printing place. What can I say about my parents? Since I was a baby, they've kept me out of trouble. They taught me how to use the bathroom, hooked me forever on reading and writing, taken me to doctors, dentists and the hospital. They bought me books and endless toys, clothes, shoes, gadgets and computer things. They put up with more bone-headed nonsense than I could ever keep track of and even kept me in school. Without their help I would have been dead on the streets (or worse!) and for that I will always love them.

Andy Leah, my sister, now lives in another state; she's about seven years older than me and has two daughters of her own, named Grace and Mary. She usually comes down to visit every six months or so, mostly for holidays. She's more independent and well-traveled than the rest of us, having struck largely on her own since graduating high school, and she now manages a catering and a carpet biz. Last time I talked to her, she was looking into the Web for advertising purposes, so I should have a link for that soon.

Andy & Anne-Marie Andy is the older of my two younger brothers, two years younger than me. He surfs and plays music (drums, guitar, saxophone) and is interested in philosophy and mathematics. He's quite well versed in both subjects, though his present preoccupation is Marxism/ deconstructivism, which I naturally argue with him about a lot, and punk rock music (though he hates Green Day now). He has a tattoo of Poseidon on his ankle that I drew for the needle guy, and other ornamentations that will not be mentioned. Andy recently graduated from college and hopes to be there when the world's first AI (artificial intelligence) comes on line. I hope to make a page for him soon. He has a girlfriend named Anne-Marie, who is also in the picture. I've only met her once or twice.

Charlie Charlie, my youngest brother, is six years younger than me and also surfs and plays music (drums, keyboards, guitar) and he actually played in one of Andy's punk bands a year ago around NYC. ("Sugarblower") Charlie has the engineer's bug; he's always drawing, tinkering with electronics or installing a potpourri of automobile parts (when he's not dancing, hanging out with his friends or studying at college) He's recently gone into business for himself, installing lawn sprinklers, and I also hope to make a page for him too, advertising his services to the Web-populace.

Flash Flash is presently the "family cat", though he more closely resembles a bovine. He's old, fat and cranky, and has a seat that he won't let any humans sit on. Flash generally subjects other cats and humans in his feudal domain to physical abuse.