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So you want to know my politics eh?

2Everyone has bread to throw around; and so there are many out there who have recieved MY two cents. But these days I've become pragmatic and more economically sensible; those pennies formerly reserved for time-wasting bloated commie fifth columnists and brainless Luddites are now SAVED for more important endeavors. Such as Free Lunch Studios and my other work. I lay no claim to a single pigeonholing political label; clone myself over a thousand times and maybe I'd consider adopting one; otherwise I am simply Tom Gordon... and these are some ideas I hold sacred.

Most recent musings/blather/drivel

Submit to me!I am an advocate of individual rights, and of individual freedom. It is the only level at which both concepts operate. I can't acknowledge the notions of a "gender" or a "race" or a "caste" or a "class" because they simply do NOT exist, they're the intellectually lazy fabrications of individuals, driven by the desire to control or lead others who're linked by a shared characteristic(s). And usually superficial ones at that, such as yearly income, skin color, sex organs or sexual preference. A collective organization blindly devoted to a single objective works well for bees or other insects without brains, it fails abysmally for those intelligent people who have discovered that they are indeed NOT like anyone else. You need no further evidence of this than the current "mainstream" political scene of the North American Directorate, with its two reigning organizations infighting amongst themselves, while simultaneously trying to maintain an impression of complete and utter unity to people who vote. For some reason they succeed at this; voters continue to cast ballots for them even as they bemoan their obvious incompetence.

Tough luck, gospodin! The only function of government is to prevent individuals from violating the rights of other individuals, utilizing force. This is admittedly a difficult process and can only be accomplished when there are rational laws that address true infringements and not the impositions or desires of others. Those include the right to communicate freely, the right to acquire and sell property and the right to simply exist. But by the same token, there's no such thing as a "right" to have access to an auditorium, to steal a Rolls Royce or to have free food, shelter, or health care; because all of these things are ALWAYS provided by other individuals. To get something by merely saying you have a right to it is the mindset of a thief, regardless how many other people think it is correct. In order to get these things, you must either have their voluntary consent, or you must offer something in return. This latter is the function of money and a free-market: the true definition of capitalism; an economic "system" (which it really isn't) that allows people to offer something of value for something else, by voluntary and mutual agreement.

Personal Jesus The scientific method and science is not the most comfortable or the most all-encompassing way to look at the world, but damn it, at least it tries to address reality! Which the endless "alternatives" do not! A human brain is a precious, intricate thing, not to be abused, as it usually is, with many people who have chosen to integrate a totally contrary-to-common sense notion into their lives... Ah so, there's a mystical spirit out there that has control over each and every one of our lives? And there's a magical kingdom we all go to, after death, if he/she/it determines we're good? Where's the proof? Where's the scientific evidence confirming ANY of this? Nowhere, because such things are proclaimed to be "beyond science"... "beyond" analytical contemplation and scrutiny. (Whew, thank goodness! Otherwise those notions wouldn't last five seconds.) THIS is the nonexistent, shaky foundation entire lives and civilizations are nevertheless built upon. So what of those who do NOT subscribe to "religion"... as this absurdity is commonly called?

Innovation Let me explain... Read up on electricity, and conductive properties of metals, through the Web or countless other sources of information. Learn anything new? If so, then maybe you should try to build a crude circuit with a battery, a light bulb and some materials purchased at the local electronics store. Guess what? When that light switches on you will no longer be the idolized figure of "the noble savage", eating fruits and berries and peacefully, harmoniously at one with the earth... You are now an Arrogant Interferer in the Natural Order of Things, because you committed the crime of taking a scientific principle and making practical, physical application of that knowledge, via TECHNOLOGY. Such a lame-brained distinction is what passes for allegedly rational "secular" thought today. Humans must amass knowledge in their heads, but we must not actually USE it... could cause trouble or pollution or something; let's stay in the cave...

Dobbshead When you save enough two cents, you get a dime, and philosophies, religions and belief systems are a dime a dozen. At this very minute there may be someone writing a theological treatise on the worship of eggplants or the intrinsic value of mating humans with giraffes. The only distinction that I will claim is that MY beliefs have had practical application in the "real world", and not in the purely-theoretical utopian nirvana my ideological enemies always IMAGINE if only THEY were "given a chance." (usually "a chance" to violently eradicate some pesky ingrained human trait, such as the thinking process) They WORK, and that's good enough for me.

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