"...la la la, I can't hear you Tom, la la la..." Yeah, whatever. I'm still keeping this incredibly simple web-questionnaire in place, because short of self-lobotomization, I don't know what else to do. Oh, and just in case you missed it (or tried to) here's your not-so-cryptic Estrangement Day Card for August 25. Please, please, PLEASE let's not see lucky #13, 'kay?

Question #1: When will you consider talking with me again?

Question 2: And ideally, what would YOU like to see happen between us?

(Verification question) What did I get you for Christmas, back then?

And even after nearly a (fruitless, disheartening, frustrating) year, my seemingly futile ICQ schedule (shown below) continues to apply. 80% of the time, yours truly IS there.

Sunday nights, 9-10 PM Eastern Standard
My ICQ number: 4470107