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Matthew Feit's Tale of the Tails

Back in 1988, upon the pages of the "Other Half", the Tails of Baghdad were born. I concieved of them and Tommy (Gordon) brought them to life with his initial illustration for "Three Chimps Save the World."

The story of Studd, Smart Alec and Sherbert has mutated over the years but their fiery personalities, adventures, and antics have always been their trademark. From their first and most ill-tempered nemesis, the evil worm-eating wizard Aman Ra, to the calculating behemoth Dr. Null, the Tails have developed quite a rogues gallery of friends and foes alike.

I'll do my best to briefly summarize their stories and let you know about some of the characters.

In the first story three monkeys, brothers are captured in the African Congo and sold in the markets of the time-lost and mythical city of Baghdad. Upon escaping the sausage salesman who purchased them, they flee the shelter of the walled city and wander off into the desert.

Destiny's hand waves, and the monkeys uncover a hidden cave where they discover a fortune in gold, jewels and three magic talismans that transform them in evolved talking monkeys with superhuman and sometimes supernatural powers.

Completely self-centered, the trio returns to Baghdad in order to procure some rations and commit some larceny, they find themselves in the middle of an invasion by Aman Ra and his barbarian horde that threatens to give the wizard the power of a doomsday device hidden in the Royal Palace of Baghdad.

The Tails stop the wizard, effectively save the world and their fortunes are forever changed. Still self-absorbed, each in their own inimitable fashion they continue to learn and grow into heroes with each passing tale.

Studd is the tough guy of the group, he's got super-strength to match his super-stubborn attitude. His magic scimitar is nearly indestructable.
Smart Alec is the condescending brainiac of the trio, obsessed with the morality and the logic of each action, this smug customer often tries to do what's right. However, being as verbose and self righteous as he is tends to annoy others while doing it. His magic ruby scarab gives him powerful telekinetic abilities.
Sherbert is like a walking surrealist painting. He's the couple o' peanut butter and banana sandwiches short of a full picnic of the three. Affectionately referred to as "the human avocado" in the first story. Sherbert is always in high spirits but seldom on the same page as anyone around him. He became ultra agile and fast and his baroque and magnificent magic carpet flies at his command.
Buzz Roman is a man lost in time. He doesn't belong in my Baghdad. He's the quintessential late Eighties/early Nineties Yuppie power broker. He is the ultimate capitalist equal parts PT Barnum and Gordon Gecko from "Wall Street." A master of the deal and a genius at marketing. The Tails have encountered him from time to time in their adventures since he first tried to cash in on their likenesses after they first appeared.
Aman Ra is the evil wizard who invades Baghdad in the first story, in hopes of acquiring the Ultra Gyro Mega Matic Super Sonic Havoc Wreaking Chaos Causing Device. His plans are foiled on through the combined efforts of all three Tails in a battle royale. Currently staying in the dungeon with his hands bound together at all times to keep him from using his magic the Tails encounter him there from time to time in a Hannibal Lecter-type role of imprisoned psycho-genius.
Cretin, Dull, and Duller are the three maul-wielding barbarian brothers. They lead the Braintrust, a traveling group of nomadic cro-mag phillistines... each one progressively dumber than the last. They're not much on diabolical schemes, but when they get a mad on, LOOK OUT, 'cause property values are about to decrease.
The Sultan is the lord of the Baghdad underworld. Commander of a private force of thieves and enforcers, he runs all the local rackets and has his share of nearly every pocket in all of Baghdad.
The Emperor is the kindly and benign leader of the city of Baghdad. Naive and kind hearted, the Emperor has at times lacked the intestinal fortitude to do what needed to be done.

Studd, Smart Alec and Sherbert thank you for your patronage! The Tails of Baghdad © 1988, 1992 Tom Gordon and Matthew Feit (artist and writer, respectively.) Vitriolic, offended complaints about Tom's revisionist history, grossly inaccurate Arabian architecture, disrespect for dimwitted barbarians, and his insensitive portrayal of ancient, malevolent wizards can be filed at the above E-mail address, where they will be promptly archived and treasured someplace relatively secure on his Macintosh (probably in the Trash... but accidents do happen!) Coming Real Soon Now... features on the Sentinel Rogues and a whole lot more!