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I can't really consider myself a true SLAM DUNK fanatic or anything. I don't own the comics, never bought any merchandise except the CD, never contemplated dressing up as Hanamichi for Halloween. However, I do really like the show. I like it enough to make this site in hopes of sharing my enthusiasm for this wonderful story.

Besides the story, there's also the humor, music and, of course, Takehiko Inoue's art to give you good reasons to watch and/or read SLAM DUNK. A well rounded, unpretentious series, SLAM DUNK can make a basketball fan out of anyone, even me.

On the surface, SLAM DUNK may seem to be nothing more than a story about a basketball team's rise to the championships, but it offers so much more than that. It deals with many of the social and personal issues teens, especially in Japan, can face. It also is a good example of why Japan needs to seriously consider making counseling regularly available to its students. SLAM DUNK usually deals with tough issues in a plain, unsentimental way I find admirable. Hanamichi's transformation is remarkable. He manages to change himself through hard work, experience, a little humility and sheer will as he struggles his way from aimless punk to valued team player. The lessons in SLAM DUNK are never spoon fed or sugar coated and are lessons I think we all could hear a bit more often.

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